You couldn’t buy better Trading Results

paddypOK, so I have mentioned this stock before but being as it is one of my all-time favourites and given the impressive gains lately it has to be noted.

I have more or less been trading Paddy Power since I started trading. What’s more is this was one of the first proper long term trades that I found myself using the Vince Stanzione course.

As you can see from this chart, you could have entered this when I did back in 2011 and stayed in it [depending on moving averages and stops] there are not many tax free investments that you can find like this. You couldn’t buy better trading results if you subscribed to a service. And there is not a horse racing service on the planet that is anywhere near capable of producing more points profit in this time frame.

I traded out and then moved back in but I also reversed my position. Regardless of that I was following the signals and stayed with the trend.

I first bought paddy power at a fraction over £35 and spread bet it at finspreads. Today it’s trading at £114+ so even trading at a modest £5 a point profit you could be up over £35,000 in four years.

Not too shabby for a £5 bet. And you could have even used 0.50p a point if you wanted to if you had a smaller bank.

Another thing is that you have to remember that if a trade goes against you’d of closed out. So as you can see, the cutting your losses and letting your profits run approach is far from any myth or hype.

Trend trading, simple moving averages, a spread betting account and Vince Stanzione. You could do a lot worse than having that team in your corner.

You can read more about Paddy Powers recent buyout off betfair here. This has added to the current run.

Here’s the Paddy Power chart. I use Sharescope but you can just as easily use the free charts like this one from Yahoo finance.


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