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Sold All Bitcoin and Ether

  How it can all change in the blink of an eye. I sold all my Bitcoin positions and Ether over this week.   Why? Because I have been making money trading with Vince Stanzione for coming up to a decade… and he sold so I did too.   Why did Vince sell? Because he […]

Elon Musk – What a Moron

Moron was the only word that I could think of using to describe the boss of Tesla that wasn’t too offensive!   It really pains me to see what he has done to the crypto markets over the last week.   Not because of any personal losses… even though it hurts. But there are thousands […]

Adapt and Survive

Since I started trading, I have traded everything from Gold and Silver, US Shares and UK Shares, FX, Indices, ETF’s, Commodities.   I have spread bet, traded binary options and bought and held stock.   None of what I traded I have ever physically seen.   Now I am holding/trading a digital currency that I […]