The Greece crisis

I really do feel sorry for the Greeks. For a nation with such a
staggering history and such proud people, it’s tragic to see them
reduced to more or less begging for money from the EU.

The country is in bits; but I’m not sure it is going to get any better for them to soon.
We all have our views on the situation but I do fear for them. My
partner thinks [who also loves the Greeks] that if they default and get
involved with Russia that Greece is just going to become Russia’s toy!

From a trading point of view you can make some small quick profits
trading the news and volatility.  In this chart that you can get free on
yahoo, you can add the SMA from my system and spread bet the positions.
You could have made a few hundred points profit over the last couple of

Vince made a funny but very valid quote at his seminar that the Euro is
really just the Deutsche Mark. When you see the DAX performing to the
Greece crisis like it has been you have to agree.

greece dax

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