$1000 Invested 40 Years Ago

40 years ago, Ronald Reagan was elected president of the United States, the Rubiks Cube launched, Lennon was tragically shot to death in New York, the first Fax machines were available in Japan, The Shining had hit the cinemas and Apple’s IPO launched on this day 12/12/80.

$1000 invested 40 years ago

$1000 Invested 40 Years Ago

$1000 dollars invested 40 years ago in Apple in 1980 at the initial IPO [$3,160.05 in todays climate] Today you’d have $430,000 approximately.


Now you’d probably feel pretty smart, and rightly so, if you had made that sort of investment 40 years ago.


But the fact is, there’s not really anything that smart about it. All you had to do was wait.


Bitcoin might be even better than Apple


I have had quite a few emails asking if it’s too late to invest in Bitcoin? Should I spread bet it? Am I better off investing in other ALT Coins?


I don’t know is my honest answer, who does?


But what I do know is that I am prepared to hold bitcoin for at least the next 10 years if need be and I feel very confident that I will make a good profit by or within that time frame.


And I think that you still have the opportunity to start small and build up if you can just be patient and wait.


It’s Not a Straight Line Up


Over the next 10 years there’s going to be lots of movement in the price of Bitcoin. I imagine we’ll see many 20, 30% corrections and pullbacks as the price moves higher. But I do strongly believe that the price of Bitcoin will continue to move higher over the next decade.


Remember Then

$1000 40 years ago

The First Apple Computers

I started this post with some blasts from the past. But then, back in 1980, that was all new.


Everyone back in 1980 was saying stuff like, everything was going to be run by computers in the future, computers were where the money was going to be, the next world war was going to be run by computers…  Remember all that?


In a way, everyone back then was sort of right. But how many people from 1980 bought and still have their initial apple stock? Not many I doubt.


Apple shares? What’s that? You’ll lose your lot investing in anything like that.




If you’re too young to remember the 80’s you’ll all know PayPal. But I remember when PayPal was new… and everyone was cautious and apprehensive about being able to send money by email. It must be a scam! That sounds dodgy! Don’t trust PayPal… how can it even work… Now look! It’s the norm.


One day in the near future, Bitcoin is going to be the norm too.




I believe that with all the money printing pre and post Covid, [QE, quantitative easing] that people have to look for other safe havens for their money and that digital currency will offer just that.


This I believe will help fuel Bitcoin’s price over time. Add into that the inflation beating Bitcoin halving that happens every four years and I think that Bitcoin really could be the next Apple like investment. And it’s happening now.


In the Next 40 Years


In years to come I think $50,000 a bitcoin will look cheap.


Obviously I could be totally and utterly wrong about this, I could lose a lot of my money if Bitcoin fails, but that’s an investment and risk I’m willing to take. That’s how it is.


I’d rather have a go than look back and say if only.