Life after Brexit

A week after Brexit

Life after Brexit

Life goes on after Brexit.

What a week after Brexit… not that the Brexit had anything to do with what I was doing. It just shows you how quick everyone adjusts and moves on. Be honest, how often did you think about it this last week? Nowhere near as much as before the vote I bet.

Anyhows, I have just had so much on as well having home improvements on-going. Sometimes it’s Friday before I know it.

Euro 2016

Well what happened to the England team? That was the worst display I can remember from an English national team. In all honesty though, I do blame the manager.

He was never a success in the premier league so how on earth could he possibly carry the England team forward? Why did we choose him?

Anyway, I’m glad Hodgson has gone, he didn’t have a clue and was sooooooo boring.

Personally I think we need a younger manager with far more attitude. Let’s see who’s in line?

I am still chipping away at trying to find a day trading system that will work. It’s seriously hard work though.

More often than not I’m finding that many of the trades that I identify are far more profitable leaving them up to a week and more.

So what starts out as a day trade winds up not one unless you are trading the dailies of course. Then you start again the next day and pay another spread. I’ll get there though.

The Markets

The markets seem to be steadying but I’m not sure about anything long term at the moment. I’ll stay with Silver for now and another that Vince recommended.

Vince Stanzione has made some other really good calls that I wish I had traded. That’s how it goes though; you’re never in on all the winners. There will be more opportunities soon enough.

He [Vince] did a good video recently that highlights some common questions that are raised about technical analysis and random outcomes.

Well worth a watch as you may understand why it has been so difficult to produce a short term system.

Other online opportunities

I’ve recently started selling more products online.

I say started selling but should really say listed some more items on Amazon. If you don’t know anything about selling on Amazon, I’m using their FBA service. I think it is going to be huge. You can read about it here.

You might remember, years ago I started selling on eBay. I turned a £100 start up into over £30,000 turnover in just over a year.

Well I’m going to do something similar on Amazon but they [Amazon] do everything for you, like taking payments, shipping and customer service.

This means that if I can source a winning product I will have far more time to look for other products and build on this.

One of the main reasons I stopped selling on eBay was because of having to deal with the customers. Some are just so horrendous. They treat you like dirt.

By using Amazon FBA I’ll avoid all of this.