I’m Trying… I Really Am.

Trading Videos… Not!

As I have told you before… me and public speaking just don’t seem to go together.

However, over the weekend we tried to do some video footage for an introduction here on the blog.

It was nothing in depth and really just about a minute or so worth of a greeting.

OH MY… I froze, stuttered, laughed, shouted, swore and everything else that I didn’t need to do.

I printed a script that was put in front of me and I couldn’t read it or use it to remind me… I have no idea why.

After about an hour, my partner had had enough and said that I need some sort of help that he just wasn’t qualified to give me.

Anyhow… we didn’t manage to do much… apart from laugh even more about licking the clinks!

I can only get better I suppose?

Here’s a quick glimpse so that you get the idea of what trying to do videos with me has been like.



We will be away again in a few days. This is the 3rd flight this year in our quest in looking for a beautiful place to buy a home abroad.

So far, Inland Andalucía is looking good, but Lagos in Portugal is certainly in the running.

One of the main selling points to us is being away from inebriated Brits but not being isolated without a soul in sight.

Also, flights that we can get from our local airports eliminates the need of traveling to London… this is equally important. Of course, the weather is too.

We are in no rush at all though… It’s a long term commitment and we’ll take our time in trying to get it right.

Another option that I have mentioned before is buying a property outright [in the UK or abroad] and using the rental income to pay for the long term rent of a place abroad.

This strategy has pros and cons too but it may be an option.

I’ll keep you posted on all of this and what we find.


Amazon Income Streams

I get a lot of emails asking about what else I do for income and if trading is all that I do?

Well, while running the blogs and trading is enough, I do however still sell various products online.

Years ago I posted about how I turned $100 to over 30,000 in just over a year selling on eBay. Unfortunately this venture came to a halt after eBay changed their search algorithm and I could no longer rank my products. This apparently affected a handful of accounts.

Roll on to today… and for another income stream, my partner and I have been building a little Amazon business too.

This started a couple of years ago and was a bit back and forth. In the beginning we just didn’t seem to be able to conquer how to make it all come together as a business.


Making Progress

We then went full steam on the idea in January 2018 and started to make headway slowly but surely.

Recently, things seem to be taking off again. This is due to learning how to rank products and creating an action plan to do so.

However, it is not easy to do this on Amazon, it can take much trial and error.

Then you also have advertising and promotional costs to add into this… but Amazon can be lucrative if you work out how and what works for your products.

Amazon FBA

We use what is called Amazon FBA. This means we ship all our products into the Amazon warehouses and then Amazon store, take payment and dispatch our stuff.

This takes masses of work out for us and means that we can essentially leave most of the selling process in Amazon’s hands giving us another, somewhat silent income stream.

Of course you pay for this privilege, and you pay with your hard earned profits.

Even so, to us it is well worth paying for.

The thing you will find with Amazon is that it can take a while to get rolling and then things start to happen. After the snowball effect starts you can then start to scale up.

Hopefully we will not experience another eBay situation where we all off a sudden can’t rank our products.

Overall though, Amazon seems like a sounder investment. The whole idea seems more sustainable. Let’s hope so anyway.

So if you fancy earning some extra dosh each month on the side, it may be worth taking a look at.

It’s not a get rich quick strategy, but it works.

Here’s a screenshot of our Amazon dashboard, you can see our progress over the year [yellow, red, blue figures] and how we have really moved forward over the last couple of months.

Amazon results