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Binary Trading

If you have never tried or considered Binary Trading, then maybe it’s about time you should… but you need to take some caution before you get started. Binary trading offers a great opportunity to start trading with smaller starting banks and the ability to know exactly how much you stand to win or lose. Plus, […]

Financial Spread Betting 2017

What’s in store for 2017 My trading results with Vince Stanzione in 2016 were fantastic. But I think that 2017 will be even better. There were a couple of larger losses that I avoided last year. These were on Brexit and the US elections. Even though I traded less in 2016 I actually made more. […]

Change Your Life in 2017

Happy New Year to you all… may 2017 deliver what you wish for and be full of what you just have to have. I heard that that saying [what you just have to have] at the start of a motivational compilation that I found just before Christmas. Good idea to put it at the front of the video as it got me […]

Goal setting 2017 Make it Your Best Ever Year

I hope you all had a great Christmas… and here’s wishing you all a great 2017. 2016 proved to be a year of learning for me. Although I’m always trying to learn something new, I concentrated on self improvement a lot this year. I enjoyed this studying immensely. The main reason that I was able […]

A Product Review That Says it All

More often than not when I’m shopping online, I’ll read product reviews before I purchase. It makes little difference to the cost of them item either. If I’m considering buying a kindle book to a new monitor for my pc I’ll read the reviews if available. Why do I do this? Well like millions of […]

Disciplined Trader – That Thing Winning Traders Do

  Self discipline is probably the greatest attribute a winning trader can possess. I could offer you one trading rule/system and prove over time that it gives you consistent positive results. One the other side of this, I could offer you a trading system with 6 or more rules and indicators that can still offer […]

My Day Trader System

I have mentioned to you many times over this year that I was going to try and develop or find a day trading system that actually works. It has been quite demanding to say the least. My partner [bless him] and I have watched countless hours upon hours of charts forming [Not back testing] From 1 […]

Trump in and Wall Street is Meditating

  Talk about surprised. It’s no wonder Wall Street are looking for ways to relieve stress… And when you think that Paddy Power settled bets on Hillary Clinton early… the whole thing seems to make little sense. Glad I considered value betting after all. But that’s politics I suppose! You have to wonder how it […]

US Elections – It’s Almost Over

The US elections are finally coming to the finale. It has been like watching some sort of bizarre soap opera this time round. Instead of looking at the values of the candidates, I’ve found myself wondering what is going to happen, reveal itself and make the headlines next… to me at least, this election has […]

Seasonal Buy Signals

I got the long awaited seasonal buy signals from Vince Stanzione… Yippee. I say signals as there are a few different variations and options to take. The profits can be fantastic and it is one of the easiest systems to trade. Please remember that you can still lose money trading these signals though… but long […]