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Gold has just generated another buy signal so I have reversed my position [Gold buy 1390] as it looks like it was just price correction and I think I should be in for some good profits on this next move? I am already over 20 points in profit following the system over the last few […]

Vince Stanzione autopilot

It’s been a really hectic week for me so apologies for the late update; I haven’t stopped with one thing or another. I have managed to keep an eye on my trades obviously but to be honest they do run on autopilot. Once you have entered and set your stop loss you can relax really. […]

Gold crazy.

I have been so obsessed with my gold trade that I have not been keeping an eye on my other positions.  If I had I’d have saved myself some losses and reversed positions instead of wondering why I had been stopped out. As you can see on Home Retail Group I should have reversed my […]

Expert trader

It occurred to me the other day that it really is not necessary to trade loads of different shares or commodities to make a profit, you can quite easily trade a handful and be very successful and more or less become an expert on those particular shares/commodities.  For example I am trading Gold and Tesco […]

Chasing losses.

I often read many an article about stories of doom from chasing losses.  It certainly is the worst strategy I’ve ever heard of.  I thought initially it only happened in sports trading?  But it appears financial trading is rife with it also.  Luckily I learnt my lesson through my partner that lost all his bank […]

Long term verses short term trading.

I often analyse and wonder if it’s possible to make a sort of daily income trading the markets?  Obviously if I was taking out a day trade and it went in my favour or against me I can win or lose money but looking over the charts in share scope it’s so much easier to […]

Systems Sellers.

It amazes me how much rubbish I read online about trading systems; use this system or use that system or this bot or that one, and you can be living in a house like this one that I took a picture of and you can be making £3000 an hour like I wish I was…  […]


It’s strange, since I let my trades expire I am slightly nervous in re entering the markets?  And in hindsight I wish I had rolled my trades over, anyway my first trades are buy Tesco’s at 435 and sell Home Retail Group at 209.  Gold continues to rise but must consult Vince Stanzione before I […]

A good first attempt.

I decided to let my trades are expire, really just so I can take stock of my trading and for the experience.  Tomorrow I shall open some trades on December contracts, some new ones and some I was previously trading. I took a lot from my first real trading experience and considering I am a […]

Highs and lows.

My gold trade has reached a new high of 1306 and home retail has reached a new low for me at 207. It still amazes me that such a simple system is so profitable… But every day I do some sort of back test to encourage myself and in every trade I find you always […]