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Swing Trading Spread Betting

Swing trading is one of the best trading strategies that you can ever master. Learning to swing trade can give a trader the upper hand in the markets and the edge that you need to tip the balance in your favour… literally. In fact, I could honestly say that it is one of my favourite […]

Can you make money with a trading BOT?

  I have recently been developing a trading BOT for the members of my spread betting course.   The idea behind this was to enable those that were at work or busy during the day to have a solution to trading.   If you had asked me a few months ago if a BOT could […]

Easter – Pop Open the Champagne and Chocolate

Just a quick update before the Easter weekend starts in full. I shall be unavailable until Tuesday as I will be taking a few days’ rest. I’m actually feeling great, but a new bodyweight training programme that is 5 mornings a week has my muscles screaming for some pampering. Plus, I shall also indulge in […]

Bitcoin trading Strategy

Here is a Bitcoin trading strategy that I have been running since November 2017. In fact, it was after Vince Stanzione’s crypto seminar that I started looking at ways to trade Bitcoin. Vince Stanzione uses one day charts to trade Bitcoin. And combined with his trading strategies it works fantastically. But for some, using the […]

New Trading Videos for the Blog

Phewee! It has been a very busy couple of weeks for me since the launch of my new spread betting course. Busy, but thoroughly enjoyable. I have really enjoyed meeting everyone and giving support when needed. All the places are now full. In fact I am oversubscribed by 6. This was due to a little […]

My New Spread Betting Course is Live

My new spread betting course has launched… and a spectacular launch it was indeed. This morning, only a few places for new students remain. Another Winning Spread Betting Trade This is a screenshot of my trade on the morning of launch day. 260 points profit, [that actually peaked at 340 points]. The thing is that […]

Spread Betting Course

My new spread betting course is almost ready to launch. I’m really excited about it, as is my partner Chris. I have been finishing off the last few bits of editing and have been creating and writing a sales page. I’m not really a marketer, but I found a useful sales copy tool here and […]

Long Term Trader or Short Term Trader – What are You?

Trading the financial markets can be full of pitfalls and hurdles. So many conflicting theories and different advice to consider… and that’s before you have even opened a single trade. However, one key that can help you step into the wealth that trading can offer is discovering and accepting what type of trader you are […]