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Long Term Trader or Short Term Trader – What are You?

Trading the financial markets can be full of pitfalls and hurdles. So many conflicting theories and different advice to consider… and that’s before you have even opened a single trade. However, one key that can help you step into the wealth that trading can offer is discovering and accepting what type of trader you are […]

Crazy Markets New strategies and Bitcoin

Volatility in the markets has been bonkers over the last couple of weeks. Everything that shouldn’t happen, seemed to happened for some traders. On the other side of the coin, some of the volatility has been a bonus to many. My new German 30 strategy that is included in my new trading course has made […]

How You can Invest in 2018

After a much needed rest, I’m ready to hit 2018 with a clear and stress free head. I hope that my recent break will be one of many this year; as I am planning to go to Spain and Portugal more often over the coming year to look at properties to buy. If we don’t […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and I hope that the New Year brings all that you wish for. 2017 was a great year for me as a trader. The results from trading alongside Vince have been amazing. 2017 On a personal level, I had a lot to deal […]

Bitcoin to Reach $50000

I said in my last post that I’d give you my reasoning behind bitcoin to reach $50,000+ So here is my view on why I think we will see bitcoin hit these heights. Through all the bitcoin mania at the moment, most people who are now investing in bitcoin [and it’s still minuscule], have little […]

Vince Stanzione’s Crypto Currency Seminar

We have finally completed and moved home. In fact, the day after Vince Stanzione’s crypto currency seminar we were unpacking everything in our new place. Chris made it to the seminar, he said it was the best one that he had ever been to. I have yet to see the videos of the day… although […]

4 Hour Trading System

  4 Hour Trading System – 74 bets, 54 winners, 20 losses 73% Strike rate   Here is the 4 hour trading system that I promised you in my last post.   This system is so simple to use you might not believe that it could even be so profitable. But the results that I’m […]

A Quick Update – Chart Patterns – Trading Books

Just a quick update… I’m actually in the process of moving at the moment and to say that it is dragging on is an understatement.   A house full of boxes and not much else has become pretty trying on the entire household.   Blogging has had to take a little bit of a back […]

Why do chart packages all differ?

Beginner traders might think that all chart packages are the same… but they are far from it. If you look at these charts beneath you will see that they are all of the same currency pair AUD/CAD on 4 hour bars.   However, all of these charts are slightly different.   This isn’t such an […]

Fibonacci Retracement Trading

I have [as always] been looking at different trading ideas… and one that can be used with other indicators to create good short term trades is using the Fibonacci retracement tool on your charts. Using Fibonacci retracement trading to predict price movement can be very effective as a standalone system. However… if you add a […]