Back from Holiday

As I told you in my last post our broadband service got disconnected by mistake, so my partner and I decided to use have a quick break whilst everything got sorted out. Unfortunately we STILL have no broadband but BT gave us free Wi-Fi for the inconvenience caused by them; although not ideal it’s better than nothing and we have been assured we will have broadband back within 2 weeks.

I shall do a thorough update on everything over the next couple of days as I’m catching up on everything now we have some reliable internet service again, even if it’s a bit slow.

Something for you to ponder on, having no internet if you’re a trying your hand at day trading more or less puts you out of business if you’re working from home, so you could be losing far more than other long term trend traders by the simple fact you can’t trade. My positions do not need my constant attention so it’s not so bad. Just another point I thought to mention.