Best films about the stock market

My personal Best Films about the Stock Market

Best films about the stock market

Considering how much goes on, in and around the stock market its surprising that there are not far more films about it. Fortunately the best films about the stock market tend to become cults that are enjoyed for years after their release.
Here’s my personal list of the…

Best films about the Stock Market


Trading Places: 

Probably the best film Eddie Murphy ever made. Truly an original masterpiece… It’s actually a reminder that Americans used to be able to write comedy… what happened?

Anyway, that was a film that you could say was the right time right place. I remember seeing it when it first came out on video and not really understanding it. After I saw it again in my 20s I actually got it. Hard to believe it came out 33 years ago.

Wall Street:

Another perfectly timed stock market mega piece. Michael Douglas is awesome in this. Right when the word Yuppie was on everyone’s lips in the UK Wall Street was released. Greed is good, what a line… but the film goes much deeper than one liners.

A film about morales, possessions, and a world of excess were anything can be bought. and profit is everything at any cost. reminds me of how true the saying is that pigs get slaughtered on Wall Street. Great film.


Rogue Trader:

The only brit flick on the list… Ewen McGregor plays Nick Leesson , the budding private banker and investment manager that manages to bring down Barings Bank.

It’s told from Nick Lessons angle and lacks a little bit of the reality of which my other favourites have, but being as it was the UK’s true scandal it had to go on the list.

If ever you needed proof that doubling up [martingale] is a bad idea if you haven’t got an exit strategy, watch this film. Just proves the point that if you hire monkeys you’ll get peanuts.


The Wolf of Wall Street:

Wow… what a shock to the system this was. My favourite film of 2013 and with good reason.

If Wall Street had rock stars it was this lot. Nothing but charlatans really, but again proving the point that it’s just dog eat dog when it comes to turning a profit as a stockbroker.

Leonardo Di Caprio plays the part of Jordan Belfort fantastically… this is a true story but it’s the funniest film to come out of america since… Oh yes, trading places.  absolutely a must see.


Boiler Room:

In a way this film is like a hybrid of Wall Street and The Wolf of Wall Street. Incredibly realistic and really gives a vivid picture of what it must have been like as a broker on Wall Street in the day.

If you haven’t seen it you’ll understand when you do. Ferraris, booze, drugs, infidelity and of course money… loads of it. The film gives you a clear indication that brokers are really just glorified sales men, sales men that feed of the rich or at the very least those with savings that they can’t afford to lose.

Great film, fantastically realistic.


Inside Job:

Ok this is a documentary not a movie but it truly is a brilliant depiction of how the global crash in 2008 started and snowballed. It has to be the best documentary I’ve ever seen on the financial markets and how they are fulled.

It is very sad though that so many get affected so terribly and negatively by the actions of so few, but that was the reality. The film is narrated by Mtt Damon [Jason Bourne] and it suits the mood perfectly.

You really should know what happened in the crash of 2008 so you can be wiser in the future and hopefully protect yourself. A must see on all levels.


The Big Short:

If you liked my suggestion of Inside Job then The Big Short is like the movie version of the same financial crisis… well almost. it’s the true story of four investors that saw the crisis coming and bet against the US economy.

A clear view of the big winners but also the real losers… the working class with investment properties that they eventually lose along with everything else they had.

In saying that, it’s a brilliant film that is funny in places, informative and engrossing.