Rachel Trader System

Join Me Now and Stop Wasting Your Time and Money on Useless trading Systems

My Day Trading System will show you a consistent and reliable way to trade the financial markets with a simple fixed odds binary options account.

I’ll show you exactly how to place the trades that I make every day… and I’ll explain clearly how you can become a profitable trader by installing the right mindset without all the waffle and gibberish.

Financial Trading Made Easy

You’ll be placing trades on the financial markets with a financial bookmaker. This means you’ll know exactly what you can win or lose without any nasty surprises. It’s just like placing bets on the football at a conventional bookmaker like Paddy Power or William Hill.

The system is totally mechanical… there is no guesswork involved. You just follow the rules and make the trades.

Trade to your strengths

Too many trading systems rely on one set of rules that have to suit all!

But I know from 6 years of trading that there are different types of traders.

You have medium to long term traders that trade from months to years at a time.

Some traders only trade on a weekly basis.

Some traders want to trade regularly throughout the day. Others are happy with a few trades at the most and some traders will only trade once a day.

One System is Not for All

Trying to trade a system that doesn’t suit your style is often why so many day traders fail.

You can’t force trading. If you want to trade all day you need a system that is designed to accommodate that. If you want to trade just once a day then you obviously don’t need a system with lots of activity.

You still need to be disciplined too.

Day trading is not an endless stream of opportunity that just keeps going and going all day long. You still need goals, targets and discipline to be successful.

Over trading is often the fastest way to the poor house before you even get the chance to making trading pay.

I have highlighted these hurdles and many others in my trading course so that you can avoid them.

My trading course contains 2 unique systems. One for the slow and steady trader and another for the day trader that wants to be busy and make maximum points each day. There’s also an awesome sprint system included…

Trading profits signals

There are no complicated charts to set up or over complicated instruction to learn. Just simple strategies that I have proven to work day in day out…

All you need to do is follow my instructions that are clearly laid out in the course and you’ll make consistent profits.

Simple Staking

What’s more… there are no dodgy staking plans to use or huge banks to rely on. £100 is all you need to get started and you could well be making £50-£100+ profit a day, all from your initial starting bank within a few weeks.

No Worthless Bonuses or Hype

There are no gimmicks that I need to offer you or any other addons to make the deal seem sweeter. You don’t need anything other than the systems and an account at binary.com or your preferred financial bookmaker.

30 Minute system results EURUSD

I Genuinely Want You to Make Money Trading

You also get my personal email so that you can ask me anything you may need to.

I’ve been writing my blog for 6 years now… In that time I have only ever recommended 4 products to you. All of which I personally tested with real money first… and all of which have made money long term and still do to this day.

I will only ever offer you quality products that I trust… and I can assure you that my trading systems are of the highest quality and will make you long term profits too.

What You Get

Access to the private members area: Here you can learn how to trade using my system and view the online manuals.

The Trading Systems: Detailed trading systems that can will take you from beginner to winner.

Trading Videos: Videos showing you exactly how to trade using my system. Plus all the video’s that I’ll be uploading regularly to help you become a winning trader.

My Personal email: Contact me directly if you need any help.

Sprint System: A great little trading system for extra points profit every day.

66 Day Guarantee: No questions asked 66 day Guarantee… I’ll let you test my system out for 66 days… If for whatever reason you decide my system is not for you, I’ll issue you with a full refund. No questions asked.

Any Questions?

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