Bitcoin Code System – Scam

Just a quick heads up on a trading system that you may have been offered or heard of recently.

As you may be aware, bitcoin has been making some traders big money lately, the swings have been enormous.

When these phenomenal movements occur and especially with something that is new and relatively unheard of the charlatans tend to come out selling their systems.

Bitcoin Code System SCAM

The Bitcoin Code System has been plastered all over the place lately claiming untold riches overnight. Same old, same old. They are even using actors from fiverr to do the plastic reviews. Unbelievable.

Anyway, Vince Stanzione had put a warning up on his private members site so I thought I must tell you also.

Bitcoin code system

The sickening part of this type of shite that can be offered for sale is that some poor soul has actually paid for it and that people want to believe it is real and some really need to believe in it.

I remember when I first started out looking for trading systems, I found myself wanting to believe all the sales pitches that I heard.

Fortunately I got wise to all the BS pretty quickly and found myself being extra careful before taking a serious plunge.

The catch with scammers is that they use the same techniques that professional marketers do. So it is always going to tarnish the systems and courses that are genuine.

This doesn’t just apply to trading and money making opportunities.

There are scammers in every line of business using professional techniques to sell bogus products.

From betfair systems to penny share scams… from £999.99 iPhone apps that actual do nothing to fake Manuka Honey.

Crikey… you can even get tattoo artists that are scammers. Although I wonder at what stage one might realise that they have been scammed?

Anyway, if you have been offered the bitcoin code system or where even considering it… You have been warned.