Bitcoin digital currency

If you haven’t heard of it before you should take a look here. I found out about this around a year ago and thought its about time something came around to challenge paypal and the credit card payment systems. Bitcoin is a virtual currency and although in its infancy I can really see this catching on and gathering pace over the next decade.

Cheaper and even free in some cases to receive online payments and send money it’s not going to be long before the masses come aboard. My partner and I are just building a site that is only going to take payments by bitcoin; a bold move maybe but ahead of the game we’ll be.

Unlike conventional email payments bitcoin [once downloaded] generates a unique address that you receive payment to and can also generate more addresses every time you wish to take another payment or send bitcoins to friends.

Personally at first glance I think it looks to confusing to use, but once you get the idea its pretty simple, just like email payments were in the beginning I suppose.

Also not only is the actual idea unique, bitcoin offers other benefits like no chargebacks!!! Ever in fact so payment is final and also no country owns bitcoin so there is no red tape surrounding usage like other merchant services and currency’s.

Maybe you have an idea that can’t launch because of payment processing restricsions? at last it’s problem solved; want to open a late night beer delivery company? go ahead nothing stopping you now, or how about a unique gaming idea or reality show online? go for it.  I really think bitcoin is going to make so much more possible in the future.

And it’s not just entrepreneurs that are looking at the possibility’s bitcoin has to offer… Amazon, winpoker, namescheap have already adopted bitcoins into their payment options.

But bitcoins are ridiculously volatile at the moment, in fact there price has risen 50%+ in a week, but I urge you to take a look and jump on and get an account ready to go.