One mans loss - Samsung Stock

One mans loss is another man’s game… very true. That also…
Vince Stanzione at the business show

Vince Stanzione at The Business Show

The business show is here again at the Olympia London. If…
US Election

US Election Trading

I can’t  believe that we are only weeks away from the seasonal…
The One Thing Review

The One Thing Review

The One Thing Review As you know I have been reading the book…
Trading volatile markets

Final Quarter - Trading Volatile Markets

I’m back from a well deserved rest. Although different to other…
The one thing

De Stress - Chill out with a paperback

I love reading. Always have, as my partner has too. But I can’t…
Make Money Amazon FBA
Free forex signals

Free forex signals

An idea occurred to me the other day that you may be able…
currency pairs volatility

Learn to Trade Price Action

Learn to trade price action One of the simplest and most effective…
Trading blogs

7 Trading Blogs I Always Read

  I'm often asked if I follow any other traders online...…

A slight edge in financial trading systems

  If you are looking to trade the markets over the longer…
Life after Brexit

A week after Brexit

Life goes on after Brexit. What a week after Brexit… not…
Hedge fund

Hedge fund returns… Can You Beat Them?

Hedge fund returns seem to be dwindling... your return on investment…
buy gold

Buy Gold after Brexit

Looking at the markets I had wondered where the first opportunity…
UK out of EU

Wow we're out of Europe

I can't believe that we are out of Europe. It's a big…
Out of the EU

Everything you need to know about the Brexit

It's amazing how many people seem more interested about the Brexit…
Let your profits run

Let your profits run... or not?

Since hammering away at trying to get a day trading system…
Swing trade DAX

Beginners Swing Trading Strategy

Swing trading can be a profitable way to trade the markets on…
Fear of failing

Is Profitable Day trading impossible

I’d like to explain with images how I felt first thing on Monday…
Spread betting guide

The Beginners Spread Betting Guide

  Believe it or not, there really are some seriously…
Best films about the stock market

My personal Best Films about the Stock Market

Considering how much goes on, in and around the stock…
US elections

Sell in May and go away

It always feels like a few days after Christmas for me when…
Trade Binary options

7 Reasons to Trade Binary Options

I have some more interesting ideas at the bottom of this…
Little Acorns System

Little Acorns Profits Update

Just a quick update on the Little Acorns profit and loss for…