I’m Back from Holiday and Back to Blogging

blogging v trading

Ola… I am officially back at the blogging helm as of today.

I had an amazing rest over the holidays and I do feel rather revitalised.

Blogging v Trading

Running a blog is actually far harder than it is to trade.

Trading for me means doing very little in all honesty. I open a position and that is more or less it. I either buy the stock and hold it, or spread bet a position that I will check once every evening [if that].

Blogging on the other hand takes many hours of work. This is especially true if the content is going to be in depth and over 1000 words.

I enjoy blogging though and I’m looking forward to writing some great reviews and trading strategies for you in the coming weeks.

I have had a lot of requests about joining my spread betting course. For those that didn’t get on, you can be assured that I will open the doors again at some stage. Although this is not going to be anytime soon, I imagine it to be January and if not then it will be the following January 2020.

Information Service

This is something that I wanted to offer this year. However, the FCA seem to be cracking down on all areas of the trading zone.

Someone I know who is very well known in the trading field, recently received advise that they needed to go and train and get a qualification so that they could continue to blog and give trading tips as such.

Ironically, I can personally and safely tell you to go and lump on 500K on Shakhtar Donetsk to win the Champions League. That’s NOT a tip at all so please don’t do it! I’m just stating the facts of what you can and can’t advise someone to do with their own money.

Anyway, I will not be offering a separate members information service at the moment. I will however keep posting interesting trades to my spread betting students.

The Year Ahead

I’m looking forward to racking up some nice profits trading along with Vince Stanzione for the rest of the year and Spread Betting currencies also.

If you are looking to start learning to trade, try out paper trading with one of the trading systems I have written and also make sure you are signed up on the waiting list if you want to get on my course when I release it again.

As said, I’m back at the helm after my holidays so drop me a line if there is anything I can help out with.