buy gold

Buy Gold after Brexit

buy gold

Looking at the markets I had wondered where the first opportunity might arise? Or shall I say where a clear opportunity was going to arise.

I had been keeping a casual eye on gold in my watchlist since the beginning of the year when Vince mentioned it here.

It looks good and Vince clarified my speculation again today and said that he can see this making$1500 by the year end.

An interesting quote from the Telegraph read ‘Buy Gold’ Searches Soar after Britain vote out.

If You Buy Gold and Why will it rise?

Well every man, woman and dog is looking for safety… Understandably and rightly so.  And with the uncertainty of the US election still to come plus the Spanish election the markets may well be choppy for some time to come so gold is getting the nod. As they say, in times of uncertainty buy gold.

So with gold reaching 2 year highs and the planet looking for a safe haven, you won’t go far wrong holding gold. You can of course spread bet it as I have done today.