Can you make money with a trading BOT?

Trading Bot 

I have recently been developing a trading BOT for the members of my spread betting course.


The idea behind this was to enable those that were at work or busy during the day to have a solution to trading.


If you had asked me a few months ago if a BOT could make money, I’d have frowned and probably said I doubt it very much.


But, to my partners and my surprise, the back test results have been amazing.


How we Made Our Trading BOT


Well, we didn’t have to write any code. All we did was add our moving averages into the programme. Set a stop loss and also an exit strategy a boom… the BOT was born.


The most surprising thing that the trading bot showed us, was that over the very short term, it was more accurate than we were.


How and why can this happen?


Well that is actually quite easy to explain. Because it activates the trades immediately as they happen, it opens at the very best and earliest point.


When trading very short time frame charts, unless you are at your PC all day, then getting the trades on in time and then getting the message to subscribers that I had made a trade was a pain. In fact, I had to wait for other signals to come into play before I could enter a trade if I was late and then this often resulted in missing a lot of the cream. Add into that the time it takes to then send the email out… You can see why we did it.


When you are trading one day candles or even 4 hour candles, these difficulties don’t present themselves. One day candles are far easier and way more forgiving.


What were the Trading BOT results like?


I [ok my partner mainly] created one bot with a guaranteed stop loss and another with a trailing stop.


The results of the trading bots from the 20/11/17 to date returned 93.14% and 108.33% respectfully.


Now you have to take note that these dates are not all trading days… so the actual percentages may be even better… even so, they are still very respectable.


So basically you could double your bank every 5 months on average.


However, the results over the last month have been amazing and have returned just over 46%

Trading Bot results


But it’s easy to say theories work isn’t it? So not to talk BS we started to test it out this week with real account funds.


I’ll keep you posted with the results, so watch this space… but from now until then you may want to try and build a bot yourself. It is actually very easy using the chart packages Prorealtime and Tradingview. You just need a good strategy to run on it.


As said, this Trading BOT is only for subscribers of my spread betting course. But… if any spaces come up I’ll notify you so make sure you are on the waiting list so that you don’t miss the chance to join me.

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