Land of Hope and Glory Documentary

Land of hope and glory

This article is not about trading.

I wanted to share with you some shocking documentaries I have seen just as soon as I could…

As you know, most of my posts are obviously about trading and wealth generation. But what good is wealth without health?

So in todays post I’m going to share some unbelievable information about why I am considering changing my eating habits and seriously considering going VEGAN.

You can watch this video now and hopefully you’ll understand where I’m coming from…

Land of Hope and Glory Documentary

If you didn’t watch the film then I’ll tell you why I’m going to go vegan.

Firstly I want to live as long as I possibly can in the best possible shape that I can.

I want to see my family grow and hopefully be a grandparent that can still enjoy days out and go on holidays.

More importantly, I want to lay the healthiest foundations for my daughter and offer her the clearest understanding of a healthy diet and lifestyle that I can.

I also want to do what I can to preserve the planet and the biggest of changes on the agenda that I want to contribute to is to help stop animal suffering. What I have seen of animal cruelty recently has been enough to already keep me from meat and dairy this week just gone… and i’m sure it is going to be for good.

I’m Not a Hippy

Now I’m not going to give you a preach on why you should be throwing out your meat from the freezer, why you should love animals and not eat them and why you really don’t want to be feeding dairy to your family.

The Land of Hope and Glory documentary and websites that I’ll list in a moment will do that if they are ever going to influence you at all.

But… I am going to say that I think the majority of us have been brainwashed into what we should be eating as a healthy balanced diet.

Why do I state this?

Shockingly, because of the money and profits involved in keeping you/us eating crap. And then when you get ill from eating all this crap, your GP will give you more crap [insulin, antibiotics] to put into your body because that solution revolves around profitability too.

Unless you are already vegan though, then I doubt you know about this vicious circle either.

Meat and the whole animal farming sector is a vile disgrace of cruelty, suffering and lies. And I honestly had no idea about this until last week.

As of today I still have some meat and dairy products in the home. I am in the transitional stage though, and my diet is changing… It has to, if I want to help make positive change to mine and my family’s life and the planet.

But there are just so many things that have hidden meat and dairy in that it may take a few days to clear everything out.

Here are the links to all the food and farming documentaries that have led me to my current mind-set.

I hope you can understand why I have written a post about Veganism and maybe some of you will join the cause with me.

Please Watch and Share

Land of Hope and Glory documentary Film, website and facts

What the Health website and film

Forks over Knives Film and Website

Cowspiracy Documentary

Can you make it as a financial trader

So I managed to get to Vince’s seminar, just… I was the last one in I think on the day but I’m so glad I made it. I’ll do a review of the whole day when I get a chance on Sunday. For now I just want to share with you a website that Vince mentioned on the day.

If you fancy yourself as the new Jesse Livermore it might be an idea to try this test to see if you’ve got the minerals as my other half puts it.  It’s really very interesting and you can learn a lot about yourself as well as finding out if you have a traders mindset.



There’s always a story

oil crashI only wish I had added to my oil trade… Vince had given the sell signal in his member’s area pre-crash, and what a crash… Oil losing half its price in a year; well nine months actually. But anyone’s bank is only so big so I’m happy to be able to of a least been in on it.

It did occur to me the other day though that I had not been following the story as well as I should have been or liked to have.

If you didn’t know why the oil price has fallen, you can get up to speed on it here. It’s funny though that when there was an oil high there was not enough to go round. Now there’s too much! You couldn’t really ever of imagined that there was ever going to be too much oil, but there it is… As I have said before though, as traders we are only interested in the price and making money from what we see.

Up, down, sideways, there will always be markets to trade and always stories that fuel those markets. You have to remember though that entry into the market is not all about the being the first in and making the most profits. Using our SMA we are not getting in to the trade slap bang at the beginning of the trend (although almost possible). The moving averages smooth out the price so we can get a clearer picture of where the price is going and gives us an entry signal just after the move has started.

It’s not 100% accurate of course, but it’s a really great way to trade and more or less idiot proof. Should any off you still be on the fence about where to start, I can seriously advise you to keep it simple using moving averages and look long term.

Have a look at Vince’s course, You’ll learn how to spot trades like this and many more. I really can’t recommend it highly enough. It really does work and will give you returns if you follow it to the letter.


Is Google in for a fall

Google has recently been in the news for manipulating its own search results to out rank its rivals… It really doesn’t surprise me but I still find it a total disgrace. I have said it before Google has got way too big for its boots. What they say goes… but it is now blatantly evident that it’s one rule for them and up yours to everyone else. You can read the full story here

Web entrepreneurs have gone out of business overnight due to Google’s updates. And a world relying on the truth of search results that can be manipulated is a dark thought indeed.

The price of Google has been erratic this last year and some good profits could have been made using SMA.

Look at this chart I have taken from yahoo finance. As you can see, you could have been pretty active following the signals your short term set up gave you.

Google chart


What goes up must come down right? although one day Google is sure to plummet it’s probably not right now, you should watch this space though.

As business men and women, there is only so much that we will all put up with and I think the time is ripe for Google to have some serious competition to contend with. Whether it’s a new search engine altogether or the resurrection of one of the established, I’m sure it’s coming.

In the meantime add Google to your portfolio and look to grab some fast profits over the coming months.

Vince Stanzione Seminar

I have been flat out lately… Selling our current house has been quite stressful and with all the other normal day to day activities blogging has had to take a bit of a back burner. It’s funny, but blogging takes so much more time than trading!

Vince Stanzione has a seminar coming up and I’d love to go combined with a break in London but I’ll decide later if I’m going once we know our move is going through.

So staying on the subject of seminars, and with so many to choose from are seminars worth the money? That depends…

sold_outI have been to my fair share of seminars over the years and one way or another they all had valuable information to share. Some have cost under £50 others over £2000 but the one thing I noticed about seminars and the information being offered was this. Me… The only thing that really had an impact on whatever was on offer was me. Let me explain.

I have mentioned to you before that I wanted to build a brand and become a top level internet marketer. I got well into the idea and used to chat about it with my partner often. We started building up our email lists and writing and studying and going to lots of seminars.

But the problem for me was that whilst at the seminars and although I enjoyed them, I could never really say that my heart was in it. Even though as I have already said, I was really into it, I can honestly say that I was selling the idea to myself more than really wanting to do it.

Even though I could pay £67 for a full day at an internet marketing seminar and get tons of value out of it, the cost was irrelevant. Personally for me I’d rather pay 20 times as much and go to something I loved learning about.

I know I probably can’t build my trading into a brand and empire. But the thing is I do love trading. It totally fascinates me; I still enjoy reading the charts and following my positions. I love knowing that I am developing into a mature trader. I love learning all that I can about trading and the billionaire traders that started with nothing but belief.

Paying a little bit of money for lots of stuff I don’t really want just doesn’t cut it with me. I’d rather pay for Bollinger than make do with Moet.

You need to follow your heart when you are deciding on investing time and money on education. Especially if You can do itmoney is tight! Borrowing money to go to a £5000 seminar in the belief that by this time next year you’re going to be a millionaire because that’s what the sales copy tells you is probably not a good idea.

But if you really really want it bad enough that you’ll do anything to make it happen then for sure you’ll get to that seminar one way or another and make it a success.

So are seminars worth the money? Of course they are and regardless of the ticket price because it’s you that’s the defining factor in the results you’ll achieve after the day has finished.

A true entrepreneur, business man, singer, professional sportsman, actor, millionaire, billionaire, work at home mum or dad makes it work because they had belief they could do it and their heart was in it 100%.

If you remember, I made a bucket load on eBay from a £100 start up, but I hated all the aggro from all the customers. I hated the fact that I could never do enough to please everyone. I hated all the rules and regulations. So much so that I eventually gave it up.

Now there are many people on eBay that have a totally different opinion. They will be far more optimistic about the things I’ve just complained about, and they are the ones that will go on and make a real success of their eBay business. They are the ones that will pay £997 to go to an eBay seminar and milk it for all it’s worth.

As long as you have the same approach, whatever you pay for anything you really want, it will be worth it to you.

Best Stock Market Tips From Millionaire Traders

There may be many rules for becoming a successful financial trader but there are only a handful that most veteran and multimillionaire traders live by.

I can follow rules religiously and was able to listen to the advise from Vince’s course and implement it without to much trouble. But there does seem to be golden rules in the stock market that pay dividends, no pun intended.

Unsurprisingly, some of my own rules mirror those that the elite traders recommend.  So what are the most important win or bust rules that every trader should know and follow so they can take their trading to another level?

Click this link to find out.

Trading on Betfair and Sportsbooks

Sports’ trading seems to be a winner when it comes to Tax free income but it’s actually far more complicated than trading shares will ever be.

You see, when you open a trade with a financial bookmaker you know your worst case scenario upfront. You pay your spread (bookies fee/commission) have your stop loss in place and off you go. You have huge upside potential with little downside.

Of course you can still lose (downside) but that is part of the whole picture.

But when it comes to sports trading your odds off making it big seem to be so limited. If you use betfair, where the majority of liquidity is for trading you are limited by that factor before anything else. Compared to financial trading where there is a limitless pot of gold.

With sports trading you also have to be glued to your screen for hours upon hours unlike financial trading where you can just check once a day.

But the biggest killer is this; If you win at the sports bookies they limit your account or close it. If you win big on betfair they tax you! In fact you get taxed so heavily that it’s bordering criminal… If you have earned over £250,000 you pay a premium charge fee on your winnings of 60%! woooooow.

People do however make money trading on betfair and betting at the bookies,  but for all the work involved and headaches it’s a wonder why more are not moving over to the financials?

Bonus bagging is never going to make you rich but it is a free £75/100+ in your bank account every week and that is tax free and the bookies actually ask you to come and take their offers.

Oh and if you can’t ever imagine making more than £250,000 in the long run… keep going and doing what you’re doing I suppose.

I have also looked at arbitrage trading but you need to be lightning quick, need a £1000 for each arb and that’s to make an average of 2% ROI

So what have I got planned for 2015

Make money 2015I emailed the free niche site guide and a few stocks that I think have potential this year to everyone that has signed up for my free guide. I hope you enjoy them both.

So what will I be doing in 2015 and what have I got planned? Well I suppose much more of the same in regard to trading. Last year was a great year for my trading bank. I’m still mainly bullish on US stocks, and I’m still amazed at what a great friend the trend is.

Blogging is still very much on the agenda but I will be working with my partner on his site and building that up as much as possible this year. The site is going to revolve around writing authority websites, copywriting, business ideas and using Amazon to sell physical products.

To some that may sound like too much to do or specialize on but really it’s all about writing content and targeting long tail keywords. Writing blog posts or Amazon product descriptions have the same goal, and that is to get read by being found on the search engines.

All of the information on the site is going to be free and the aim is going to be a hub for all who are looking to start making an income online.

Private copywriting jobs and creative work will be charged per a job. These services will be aimed at established brands and business or new business with budget.

I shall keep writing this blog for the foreseeable future. I’ll try to get back to posting on a weekly basis again and also I want to run some competitions this year so that people can engage more.

I’m still bagging those bonuses and it really does keep bringing in a few hundred quid a month. Considering how quick it can be done and again being tax free it’s a great additional revenue stream.

As always, thanks for your continued support and I hope 2015 brings all that you ask for.

Happy Holidays

Wow! I have had the most hectic holiday period ever… I had planned to give blogging and business a rest in December and it was a good job I did. I’ve had family and friends to stay for what now seems continuously. But hey, everyone had a great time and that is what it’s all about.

I hope you all had  a great time too and this is to wishing you a happy new year. Shall be back to normal after new years celebrations are over. Also have a really good eBook that will be sent to all subscribers free of charge. It’s all about making passive income online. So a nice positive read to start the year.


What losing traders do

Here is a good video I have taken from the  Vince Stanzione blog. It outlines some of the main issues that new financial traders encounter, and explains how new traders don’t need too become losing traders.