Gold trade open

My gold position is open, September contract Sell at 1185. I have a guaranteed stop loss at 1255.

Gold trade

I shall open my gold trade in the morning, as you can see from the chart it’s definitely heading the right direction. British Airways’ and Home Retail Group seem to be OK and should steadily move into profit.

Stress free

My first trades seem to be going along nicely although I’m not really in profit it’s very stress free trading because the loss side is minimal and the profits side Is huge.

This is a chart of the gold position I am interested in taking, as you can see a sell signal was generated at the beginning of July. I’m just waiting to catch the price falling again before opening the trade although I’m not sure if this is necessary ?

Stopped out.

I was stopped out on my Standard life  trade which gave me a loss of 10 points .  In the wonderful thing called hindsight I probably should have waited on this one anyway as a couple of strong days on the FTSE didn’t help the situation.   I shall be keeping an eye on the gold chart as I think this will be my next trade.

First trades

My first trades are all sell September contracts.

Home Retail Group 223 Guaranteed stop loss 251

Standard life 181 Guaranteed stop loss 191

British Airways 202 Guaranteed stop loss 212

Once I work out how to take some pictures from Sharescope I shall upload them. Also another really good position to look at Is Gold as it has just given a sell signal.

Some pictures of the graphs I used to make my decisions, very early days yet but I am close to my stop on British Airways and standard life.

I am still here

I had purchased the Vince Stanzione spread trading course last summer but due to family commitments and issues I was unable to start trading and be totally committed.  I didn’t want to give up or go for a refund so contacted Mr. Stanzione and explained my predicament and he kept my money back guarantee open until I started trading, so that took the pressure off.  So here I am rearing to go, I’m going to do some paper trades for the next couple of weeks just to get the feel of things and then start trading for real at the beginning of the third quarter.

I am by no way affiliated to Mr. Stanzione or bet angel.