The Longest Summer Holiday Ever

Summer holiday

I hope you have all been enjoying the weather. For once, the UK has had a summer to remember.

I have totally and utterly been making the most of it.

It has been during this summer holiday that I have decided to take a little bit of me time out and just relax.

As we all know, it is not every year that the UK basks in such glorious sunshine.

I have just been enjoying everything that you can do when the weather stays fine and that has also meant doing as little as I can work wise.


As most of you know, I have been blogging non stop for 7 years now and to be honest it has been nice to take a step back from the keyboard.

I love blogging about trading, but this is a chance for me to refuel my batteries and not think about to much for a few weeks.

You can still read all my posts and trading systems whilst I’m chilling out though.

If you’re looking for a system to trade then take a look at the DAX trading system that I wrote. It is still one of my favourite strategies.

I’ll be Back

I’ll of course be back at full steam once the holiday period has finished at the start of September.

From now until then I’ll give you some brief updates as to what I’m doing… (maybe) but on the trading front it is going to be very little.

I am away quite a bit this month too, so the break from serious trading blogging will be useful.

ESMA Rules

Remember, the new ESMA margin rules come into play on the first of August. This means you will need more money to fund each position you open. You can read more here. Personally I’m sick of hearing about it now. Let’s just move on.


Spread Betting New Regulations

What does it mean to spread bettors with the new regulations that come into force on August 1st 2018 from ESMA?


Well amongst all the noise, not that much if I’m honest.


New Regulations


The main impact of the new rules is going to see the margins on your trades higher.


This will mean that depending on your bank size, your ability to trade lots of different markets at once will probably decrease.


That isn’t such a bad thing though and personally I have never gone into the red with my margin anyhow. I have never or at least can’t remember having the dreaded margin call before.


You Will Now Need to be Selective


Overall you will now probably be set to trade fewer markets with a lower margin.


This again can work in your favour.


Trading like a lunatic on a full moon should be reduced to a minimum under the new regulations.


You will now need to choose your trades with a greater degree of consideration to preserve your margin.


You will also probably find that you will naturally be forced to become an expert in the fields that you trade.


Maybe you’ll start to consider trading just the major 6 currency pairs…. Maybe you’ll just trade the DAX or the DOW… How about ETF’s or only Shares?


This is in itself a trading strategy.


I have mentioned many times that becoming an expert in a tight set of markets or even a singular market can reap rewards.


These new regulations will give you the ideal opportunity to implement this idea.


Staying Positive


I seriously don’t think that there is any reason to feel like you have missed the trading boat.


Far from it if you think about it.


There are more and more new opportunities to profit from every day.


There are new ETF’s to trade that are added to the likes of IG and CMC all the time.


The markets will still ebb and flow as always.


If you personally feel that you have missed your chance, then I’m afraid that you probably have. It is down to you to make things happen in your life.


Another Option… Remember the Old Days?


As you probably know, I have been trading with Vince Stanzione for considerable time now.


Most of my positions that I hold with his advice are held in one of my Schwab accounts.


This means I actually own the stock.


Just like how the hero’s of stock market trading started out.


You don’t just have to spread bet to make money from the financial markets.


Although this option does require a larger bankroll it is still a very realistic and valuable option.


New Margins


Here is a quick glance at the impact that the new regulations will have on your trading margin.


It is far from the final curtain.


New Regulations


Opening a Trade or Taking a Position

You may think that there is no difference in the above. But although the statement might seem at best, subtle. There is actually a big difference in them both.

Opening a Trade

Opening a trade is exactly that. Let us say that you have a MACD signal and that you now need to open a spread bet on IG.

So you login to the IG platform and go long the USD/CAD

You do not consider any other factors in opening this trade.

You are not concerned with support and resistance levels.

Nor are you influenced by news or any other outside factor.

You are only interested in opening a trade.

Winning and Losing

The trade you have opened may win or lose… who really knows.

The point is this. Just opening a trade if you are new to trading can be a risky mind game.

You could be opening the trade just when it is about to correct, retract or consolidate.

As a new trader, seeing your losses spiral can cause you all sorts of frustrations. Even if the trend and trade you have opened is correct long term. The short term losses can affect your judgement.

You could close your trade to soon or even get stopped out if using the wrong stop loss strategy.

A Better Approach

To create the best chance of winning at trading and more importantly winning the mind game that trading is. It is probably better for new traders to take a position rather than just open a trade.

Let me explain.

Taking a position

When you take a position, you are aware of support and resistance areas. You understand the importance of candle patterns.

You are looking for the best possible entry point even after you have had a signal from an indicator/s you may use.

Look at this chart beneath.

opening a trade

You can see that the USDCHF has given us a MACD  crossover signal in February [red arrow].

Now if a new trader had taken this, they may well have been panicked out of the trade by the ensuing retracement or have been stopped out, depending or their stop strategy.

A smarter way to trade this signal is to wait for price correction and a valid candle pattern to signal an entry point.

If you had seen the MACD crossover and used this as the first identification to go long, you could have then waited a few weeks for the price action [blue arrow] to break resistance levels and then enter.

In fact, it is after this price action that the price really starts to move.

[A more seasoned trader can and will enter the trade accepting the huge ups and downs before her trade goes into profit.]

So instead of just entering the trade after a technical indicator signal, look for some price action too.

This little technique can save lots of trading heartache, losing trades and stop outs.

So just remember… After a trading indicator signal, wait for valid price action. This can stack the blocks firmly in your favour to more winning trades overall.


I’m Trying… I Really Am.

Trading Videos… Not!

As I have told you before… me and public speaking just don’t seem to go together.

However, over the weekend we tried to do some video footage for an introduction here on the blog.

It was nothing in depth and really just about a minute or so worth of a greeting.

OH MY… I froze, stuttered, laughed, shouted, swore and everything else that I didn’t need to do.

I printed a script that was put in front of me and I couldn’t read it or use it to remind me… I have no idea why.

After about an hour, my partner had had enough and said that I need some sort of help that he just wasn’t qualified to give me.

Anyhow… we didn’t manage to do much… apart from laugh even more about licking the clinks!

I can only get better I suppose?

Here’s a quick glimpse so that you get the idea of what trying to do videos with me has been like.



We will be away again in a few days. This is the 3rd flight this year in our quest in looking for a beautiful place to buy a home abroad.

So far, Inland Andalucía is looking good, but Lagos in Portugal is certainly in the running.

One of the main selling points to us is being away from inebriated Brits but not being isolated without a soul in sight.

Also, flights that we can get from our local airports eliminates the need of traveling to London… this is equally important. Of course, the weather is too.

We are in no rush at all though… It’s a long term commitment and we’ll take our time in trying to get it right.

Another option that I have mentioned before is buying a property outright [in the UK or abroad] and using the rental income to pay for the long term rent of a place abroad.

This strategy has pros and cons too but it may be an option.

I’ll keep you posted on all of this and what we find.


Amazon Income Streams

I get a lot of emails asking about what else I do for income and if trading is all that I do?

Well, while running the blogs and trading is enough, I do however still sell various products online.

Years ago I posted about how I turned $100 to over 30,000 in just over a year selling on eBay. Unfortunately this venture came to a halt after eBay changed their search algorithm and I could no longer rank my products. This apparently affected a handful of accounts.

Roll on to today… and for another income stream, my partner and I have been building a little Amazon business too.

This started a couple of years ago and was a bit back and forth. In the beginning we just didn’t seem to be able to conquer how to make it all come together as a business.


Making Progress

We then went full steam on the idea in January 2018 and started to make headway slowly but surely.

Recently, things seem to be taking off again. This is due to learning how to rank products and creating an action plan to do so.

However, it is not easy to do this on Amazon, it can take much trial and error.

Then you also have advertising and promotional costs to add into this… but Amazon can be lucrative if you work out how and what works for your products.

Amazon FBA

We use what is called Amazon FBA. This means we ship all our products into the Amazon warehouses and then Amazon store, take payment and dispatch our stuff.

This takes masses of work out for us and means that we can essentially leave most of the selling process in Amazon’s hands giving us another, somewhat silent income stream.

Of course you pay for this privilege, and you pay with your hard earned profits.

Even so, to us it is well worth paying for.

The thing you will find with Amazon is that it can take a while to get rolling and then things start to happen. After the snowball effect starts you can then start to scale up.

Hopefully we will not experience another eBay situation where we all off a sudden can’t rank our products.

Overall though, Amazon seems like a sounder investment. The whole idea seems more sustainable. Let’s hope so anyway.

So if you fancy earning some extra dosh each month on the side, it may be worth taking a look at.

It’s not a get rich quick strategy, but it works.

Here’s a screenshot of our Amazon dashboard, you can see our progress over the year [yellow, red, blue figures] and how we have really moved forward over the last couple of months.

Amazon results


Places Available Spread Betting Course

I actually only have a couple of spots vacant for my new spread betting course.

Only 2 dropouts overall… but to give everyone a chance to get in, I will make 10 spaces available over this coming week.

If you miss out on your chance to join me next week then you will have to pay full price of £297 after Friday 25th May 2018.

The trades I have published over the last 8 weeks in the private members area have netted over 1800 points profit.

We have also developed a trading BOT that I am currently testing with real funds. This will also be available and offered to you free of charge as soon as the tests have finished. You can use the BOT to trade the DAX for you.

I will send an email out to everyone once I activate the buy now buttons again over at the New Members Website

So keep an eye on your inbox over the weekend.

Remember… you have my cast iron guarantee should you decide my awesome course is not for you… so you have absolutely ZERO risk to check it out.

Swing Trading Spread Betting

Swing trading is one of the best trading strategies that you can ever master.

Learning to swing trade can give a trader the upper hand in the markets and the edge that you need to tip the balance in your favour… literally.

In fact, I could honestly say that it is one of my favourite trading strategies overall.

It is also some of the most successful of traders’ favourite choice of trading arsenal.

So what is swing trading? How do you do it? And what can you swing trade?


What is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is the process of trading the price movement of any given security that is repeated in a given price range.

Look at the chart beneath…

You can see that I have drawn support and resistance lines where the price has reached high and low points over the space of the given time that you can see at the bottom of the chart.

swing trading

Drawing these lines creates a channel where the price moves back and forth [swings].

It is this price movement back and forth, that creates opportunity for us to trade by giving us an indication of where the price is likely to go next over a space of time.

Once we have drawn in support and resistance levels, we can speculate that the price is likely to ping around within these zones.

Obviously the price can also break out from these levels, but these breakouts can also present trading opportunities… although we will not be covering that here today.


How do You Swing Trade?

Quite simply, you create a price zone and look to open positions when the price reaches the support or resistance levels and looks like it [the price] is about to retract.

Although that may sound incredibly simple [and it is once you know how] it is not so simple that everyone uses the strategy to regular effect.

The difficulty lies in the fact the ‘you’ the trader has to decide if and when to hit the button and open the trade.

Unlike relying on one of the myriad of indicators that you can add to a chart that supposedly tell you when to buy and sell [yeah right] You actually have to decide yourself.

It is this decision making that puts many traders off from swing trading.

However, as said, if you take the time to learn swing trading you can and will have a reliable trading strategy for life.

How do you know if the price is going to retract from a support or resistance line?

Well, you don’t!  But there is a way to put the odds of successfully speculating a winning trade.

This is done by looking for candle patterns to form at these support and resistance levels or looking for moving average crossover signals. I actually cover this in depth in my spread betting course.

There are many candle patterns that you can look for but some do perform better than others and also occur more frequently.

If you decide to use moving averages to identify the swing trade then keep them short.

You will want to use a fast moving average that is less than 10 and something medium term that is less than 50. Anything longer will likely get you into the trade way to late.


What can You Swing Trade?

Swing trading is not limited to any particular security type. It does however lend itself to currency trading very well indeed.

Currencies often trade in ranges for periods of time.

They then strengthen or weaken out of these ranges [breakouts]. Unlike stocks that tend to move in one direction or the other up or down [although some stocks do obviously trade in range at times too]

The good thing about swing trading currencies is that you can rinse and repeat.

According to statistics, currencies only return on average 7% a year.

But if you are swing trading then you can actually increase those percentages on occasions if you choose the right pairs. This percentage can be increased further by using 4 hour charts.

So for example, lets say that USD/CAD moves 7% higher over a year; it is all the swing trading back and forth within the year that can increase profits instead of just holding the one long position over a year.

There is clearly going to be more work in swing trading, but the rewards and profitability can be increased.

If currency trading isn’t your thing, then there is no reason why you can’t start to look for shares that are trading in a range. You could even try commodities.

If you open a demo account at one of the financial bookmakers like IG or CMC markets, you can test the strategy out in real time and not even risk a penny.

Chart Times

I have found that the best charts to use with this strategy are the daily candle charts. These are the most accurate and stress free charts to trade.

You can also use the 4 hour charts very effectively although you will find them slightly more volatile.

In Summary.

In summary… swing trading is well worth taking the time to learn. Learning how to do it may not all fall into place overnight and doesn’t rely on mechanical trading indicators.

Overtime though, it can give you a reliable trading strategy that helps maximise returns in what are considered slower moving markets like currencies.

Swing Trading Video

Here is a video my partner has done for you that outlines swing trading using the daily chart of the USD/CAD.


Can you make money with a trading BOT?

Trading Bot 

I have recently been developing a trading BOT for the members of my spread betting course.


The idea behind this was to enable those that were at work or busy during the day to have a solution to trading.


If you had asked me a few months ago if a BOT could make money, I’d have frowned and probably said I doubt it very much.


But, to my partners and my surprise, the back test results have been amazing.


How we Made Our Trading BOT


Well, we didn’t have to write any code. All we did was add our moving averages into the programme. Set a stop loss and also an exit strategy a boom… the BOT was born.


The most surprising thing that the trading bot showed us, was that over the very short term, it was more accurate than we were.


How and why can this happen?


Well that is actually quite easy to explain. Because it activates the trades immediately as they happen, it opens at the very best and earliest point.


When trading very short time frame charts, unless you are at your PC all day, then getting the trades on in time and then getting the message to subscribers that I had made a trade was a pain. In fact, I had to wait for other signals to come into play before I could enter a trade if I was late and then this often resulted in missing a lot of the cream. Add into that the time it takes to then send the email out… You can see why we did it.


When you are trading one day candles or even 4 hour candles, these difficulties don’t present themselves. One day candles are far easier and way more forgiving.


What were the Trading BOT results like?


I [ok my partner mainly] created one bot with a guaranteed stop loss and another with a trailing stop.


The results of the trading bots from the 20/11/17 to date returned 93.14% and 108.33% respectfully.


Now you have to take note that these dates are not all trading days… so the actual percentages may be even better… even so, they are still very respectable.


So basically you could double your bank every 5 months on average.


However, the results over the last month have been amazing and have returned just over 46%

Trading Bot results


But it’s easy to say theories work isn’t it? So not to talk BS we started to test it out this week with real account funds.


I’ll keep you posted with the results, so watch this space… but from now until then you may want to try and build a bot yourself. It is actually very easy using the chart packages Prorealtime and Tradingview. You just need a good strategy to run on it.


As said, this Trading BOT is only for subscribers of my spread betting course. But… if any spaces come up I’ll notify you so make sure you are on the waiting list so that you don’t miss the chance to join me.

You can add your name here there is a form at the bottom of the page.


Easter – Pop Open the Champagne and Chocolate

Just a quick update before the Easter weekend starts in full.

I shall be unavailable until Tuesday as I will be taking a few days’ rest.

I’m actually feeling great, but a new bodyweight training programme that is 5 mornings a week has my muscles screaming for some pampering.

Plus, I shall also indulge in some Champagne and chocolate… ok a lot of Champagne and chocolate over the coming days.

We as a family are not big drinkers by any means, but it is Easter after all and I have worked very hard this year… well that’s all the excuse I needed.

Easter Results

Trading has been awesome and also my new students are picking up the pace. I must say it has been an absolute pleasure in teaching them all. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to do so.

My points profit total from last Friday up to this Easter weekend [as I write this Good Friday Morning] is just over 1700 points… that is not a typo.

Obviously the results in points are not always that huge, but my Bitcoin trade using the system that I published here for free on the blog last week, made up a large chunk of those points. Then there were some good DAX profits too.

Spread Betting Margins

The ESMA have now finalised their stand on margins for spread betting retail customers and CFD traders.

This basically means that all nonprofessional traders will need to hold a bigger account balance to trade the same trades that they are already trading.

Or if you are new and opening an account then you will need more money for margin to trade.

You can read more here

The impact looks something like this.






In my opinion this will not make any difference to anything. The retail traders that make regular money will continue to do so. The gamblers will continue to lose.

If the ESMA are seriously worried about preventing retail customers losing money from trading or gambling, then they need to step into sports betting and trading to make a bigger difference!

Anyway, not to bring a downer to anyone over Easter, if you learn to trade properly then you will make money long term… margin requirements just need to be bigger, that’s all.

Have a great Easter


Bitcoin trading Strategy

Here is a Bitcoin trading strategy that I have been running since November 2017.

In fact, it was after Vince Stanzione’s crypto seminar that I started looking at ways to trade Bitcoin.

Vince Stanzione uses one day charts to trade Bitcoin. And combined with his trading strategies it works fantastically.

But for some, using the daily charts means that your stop losses may be too big to stomach.

Bitcoin Trading on IG 

You also need to consider the spread that IG charges you to trade Bitcoin [or any other spread betting company]

This will in most instances put your position into negative as soon as you open it, unless there was some sort of mad price swing just as you opened the trade.

As well as the spread that you get charged, the margin that IG request you to use to trade Bitcoin can be huge. For example, a 0.30p a point trade on Bitcoin with IG will require a margin of just over £900.

This is partly fuelled and due to the fact that the stop loss distance required is a whopping 860 points minimum.

So if you can get over the initial hurdles to place a spread bet and start Bitcoin trading then the road may well be paved with Bitcoin gold…

But hold on… there’s more to it than that.

Bitcoin Trading Strategy

You can’t just jump head first in to the fray and follow the crowd when it comes to Bitcoin trading.

Doing so will probably mean you lose money. Even if you manage to call the right direction, you’ll find that you are left licking your wounds after your stop loss gets triggered because of some wild swing that occurred for no apparent reason.

This is where a simple Bitcoin trading strategy comes in and is basically essential for success.

The Bitcoin trading strategy that I have been testing since November as performed brilliantly over that time.

In fact the results you could have achieved or at least somewhere near are very encouraging.

Considering that we are only using one simple indicator with this trading strategy makes this all the more impressive.

Also, you won’t need any fancy charting packages or need to subscribe to any of the like.

The free IG charts are all you need to trade Bitcoin successfully.

Price Data

However, because of Bitcoin not being traded for any serious length of time, [as it happens only since December 2017 when the CBOE added it to their exchange] Has the option [no pun intended] to trade Bitcoin been brought to the masses.

This means there is obviously a lack of historical price data [compared to other established currency pairs] to use in analysis.

But this lack of data offers us the opportunity to keep Bitcoin trading as simple as possible…

All we are using to create a winning strategy that has netted over 7000 points profit this year [2018] already, are 2 exponential moving averages.


Lack of Bitcoin Data continued…

As said, the first issue that I had when developing a new strategy was that there was very limited historical data to go by.

This meant that it was going to be practically impossible to draw any accurate support and resistance levels.

This was then combined with the fact that there had only been one trend… and that was up.

Now though, almost 5 months later, there has been and is enough price data and price swings to claim that this strategy works.

Beneath is the 4 hour chart of BTC/USD from November 2017

We can see that there has been a big range of movement up to almost 20000 any right back down to 6000.


Bitcoin trading strategy


But using some simple trading skills and adding a moving average to the chart, we can see how easy Bitcoin has actually been to trade.

Let’s zoom in and take a closer look.

You can see clearly that I have added an exponential moving average with the periods 6/18 to the chart.

Bitcoin Trading Strategy Results

Now from the start of 2018 if we had traded every crossover signal on the chart that our EMA [exponential moving average] gave us, our results will have looked something like this.

Bitcoin trading

You can see I have added the trades and approximate points won or lost at each crossover. I have rounded the results off to the nearest 50 points in most cases. As always though, I have tried to be as accurate as possible.

I have calculated the results from logical entry points at the crossovers.

The trades have then been left to run until either stopped out or until the next crossover signalled to close the trade and change direction.

Stop losses were put strategically at points of recent highs before the crossovers, just above the crossovers or at the high of the previous candle next to the entry candle.

Remember I am using the 4 hour IG charts here from the start of 2018

Wins 9 = 10750 points

Losses 7 = 3470 points

Total points profit  = 7280


Bitcoin Trading Moving Average System Rules

  • Set the chart to the 4 Hour candles
  • Enter long, BUY, when the 6 moving average crosses up over the 18 moving average.
  • Go Short, SELL, when the 6 moving average crosses beneath the 18 moving average.


Exponential Moving Average

The reason that I used a moving average with this strategy is that again there is a lack of data to successfully use support and resistance lines or any other indicator that I consider useful.

This lack of data makes it harder to get the bigger price picture. Using the moving averages are helping us take the guesswork out of our trading. That obviously helps a lot when trading Bitcoin at the moment.

Moving Average Settings

You can play about with the settings of the moving averages and you may find that a different combination of settings or values works better for you. This 6/18 is what I found works best for this particular 4 hour Bitcoin chart.

I say that as these 6/18 settings will not necessarily work as well on another currency pair.

This is what you need to remember about technical indicators and trading. There is not one set of rules that works across the board for everything.

Don’t be afraid to test things out using different timeframes [candles] and different periods of moving averages. Even though this system is probably one of the best that you will see at the moment to trade Bitcoin, something else might suit you better personally for whatever reason.

As time goes on and more price data becomes available, we will be able to use support and resistance lines, candle patterns along with moving averages.

This can help give us an even clearer idea of price direction and therefore may help in making more informed decisions.

However, and certainly at the moment, using 4 hour candles and exponential moving averages has created a valuable strategy for trading Bitcoin.

Trading Banks and Stop losses

Unsurprisingly, due to the volatility you will need quite a big point’s balance in your trading bank to trade Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can still be very unpredictable and because of this combined with how much Bitcoin can move in 4 hours, stop losses tend to be quite large.

Although as you can see from the above diagrams and crossover signals, stop losses are really hit and the rewards are mainly larger than our initial risk.

Stop Loss Levels

There is no set stop loss figure that I have found that works regularly when trading Bitcoin.

Each trade is individual and finding strategic points to place a stop loss will vary from trade to trade.

One of the best places to put a stop loss is just above the moving average crossover, but this still [and obviously] doesn’t guarantee that you will be safe.

Sometimes it’s better to put a stop loss at the most recent high or low and sometimes it is preferable to put the stop loss at the high of the last candle.


Taking Bitcoin Profits

The best idea when it comes to taking profits from your Bitcoin trading is to close the trade at the crossover signals and open a trade in the opposite direction.

This eliminates the need to stress about profits and takes out the decision making out of the whole trading scenario.

The other alternative is to set a risk reward ratio and set a profit target.

So if your stop loss is 800 points then you can automatically set a take profit target at 1600 points.

This can work well for some people. The theory being that you will create a positive outcome over time as the win odds are stacked in your favour.

The downside to this take profits strategy is that you can miss out on some of the bigger wins. Sometimes you can also miss the smaller wins too. As said though, each to their own, and it is whatever suits you best.


Profitability and Other Trading Options

Without a doubt, over the coming year there will be many opportunities to trade Bitcoin and many chances to profit from other crypto currency’s.

Also it is important not to forget that there are still many other opportunities trading other currencies indices and individual stocks that can make great profits from.

Don’t get too caught up in the big hype! Yes Bitcoin has a lot to offer, but it should only be one part of your portfolio or trading activities…

For example, you may be trading with the DAX, USD/EUR for a regular source of profits and income, so adding a small position of crypto currency is into that portfolio could be deemed as sensible.

Just don’t put all your eggs in one market so to speak… unless of course you are a specialist in that one market… some traders only ever trade the DAX, USD/GBP or the S&P for example and make amazing profits.

RECAP Bitcoin Trading Strategy Rules

Set the chart to the 4 Hour candles

Enter long, BUY, when the 6 moving average crosses up over the 18 moving average.

Go Short, SELL, when the 6 moving average crosses beneath the 18 moving average.

Bitcoin Trading

Simple Trading Rules

The above rules may seem too simple to ever be profitable but I can assure you that moving average crossovers have accounted for some of the biggest wins and profits I have ever seen from trading the financial markets.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Vince Stanzione if moving averages can really help you make money trading!

Paper Trade Bitcoin

If you are new to trading then you really need to test the Bitcoin trading strategy out first by paper trading it, preferably using a good demo account with one of the reputable spread betting firms.

You see, it’s all very easy for you to see the wins and losses like I have shown above.

However, it is far harder than you may think to accurately place a stop loss so that you are kept in the trade, but are safely out the market if there is a crazy price move.

Plus you want to avoid your stop losses getting hit and concentrate on closing a trade manually when you are Bitcoin trading. Especially if you can see that the price has gone against you. There is no point in waiting to get stopped out when the stop losses requested to trade Bitcoin are so huge.

Add into that the fact that your own personally psyche will determine if you are able to let your profits run or take pre-determined profit targets as I have already explained.

If you have already had some experience with spread betting and trading, it is still advisable to tread cautiously when you first start to trade Bitcoin.

It’s better to learn well and earn smaller than it is to charge head first into the trades and lose big.

As with all trading, it is patience and discipline that also play key factors in how profitable you will be overall… that and a sound banking strategy too.

Bitcoin trading is no exception to the rule.

Demo Account

Most spread betting companies offer a demo account. IG offers a good one and you can use their charts and learn the trading ropes directly on their platform.

Using a demo account is a good way to become accustomed to spread betting and trading. But don’t get to cocky when you start to win… new traders often find it a different game all together when they start to trade with real funds.

Of course you can always just watch the price and monitor your results. But by paper trading like this you are not getting the real vibe of trading.

If you are not using a proper trading platform like the spread betting companies can offer, you’ll then have to learn how to do that once you do decide to spread bet with real funds. You may as well start out with clear intentions and get things right from the start. Plus, all the demo accounts are free to use and open.

So there you have a good strategy for cashing in on the Bitcoin trading rush.

You won’t win every trade you make… that is just fairy tales. But you will win more points than you lose over time by following the simple crossover rules and using the 4 hour charts.