Easter – Pop Open the Champagne and Chocolate

Just a quick update before the Easter weekend starts in full.

I shall be unavailable until Tuesday as I will be taking a few days’ rest.

I’m actually feeling great, but a new bodyweight training programme that is 5 mornings a week has my muscles screaming for some pampering.

Plus, I shall also indulge in some Champagne and chocolate… ok a lot of Champagne and chocolate over the coming days.

We as a family are not big drinkers by any means, but it is Easter after all and I have worked very hard this year… well that’s all the excuse I needed.

Easter Results

Trading has been awesome and also my new students are picking up the pace. I must say it has been an absolute pleasure in teaching them all. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to do so.

My points profit total from last Friday up to this Easter weekend [as I write this Good Friday Morning] is just over 1700 points… that is not a typo.

Obviously the results in points are not always that huge, but my Bitcoin trade using the system that I published here for free on the blog last week, made up a large chunk of those points. Then there were some good DAX profits too.

Spread Betting Margins

The ESMA have now finalised their stand on margins for spread betting retail customers and CFD traders.

This basically means that all nonprofessional traders will need to hold a bigger account balance to trade the same trades that they are already trading.

Or if you are new and opening an account then you will need more money for margin to trade.

You can read more here

The impact looks something like this.






In my opinion this will not make any difference to anything. The retail traders that make regular money will continue to do so. The gamblers will continue to lose.

If the ESMA are seriously worried about preventing retail customers losing money from trading or gambling, then they need to step into sports betting and trading to make a bigger difference!

Anyway, not to bring a downer to anyone over Easter, if you learn to trade properly then you will make money long term… margin requirements just need to be bigger, that’s all.

Have a great Easter


Bitcoin trading Strategy

Here is a Bitcoin trading strategy that I have been running since November 2017.

In fact, it was after Vince Stanzione’s crypto seminar that I started looking at ways to trade Bitcoin.

Vince Stanzione uses one day charts to trade Bitcoin. And combined with his trading strategies it works fantastically.

But for some, using the daily charts means that your stop losses may be too big to stomach.

Bitcoin Trading on IG 

You also need to consider the spread that IG charges you to trade Bitcoin [or any other spread betting company]

This will in most instances put your position into negative as soon as you open it, unless there was some sort of mad price swing just as you opened the trade.

As well as the spread that you get charged, the margin that IG request you to use to trade Bitcoin can be huge. For example, a 0.30p a point trade on Bitcoin with IG will require a margin of just over £900.

This is partly fuelled and due to the fact that the stop loss distance required is a whopping 860 points minimum.

So if you can get over the initial hurdles to place a spread bet and start Bitcoin trading then the road may well be paved with Bitcoin gold…

But hold on… there’s more to it than that.

Bitcoin Trading Strategy

You can’t just jump head first in to the fray and follow the crowd when it comes to Bitcoin trading.

Doing so will probably mean you lose money. Even if you manage to call the right direction, you’ll find that you are left licking your wounds after your stop loss gets triggered because of some wild swing that occurred for no apparent reason.

This is where a simple Bitcoin trading strategy comes in and is basically essential for success.

The Bitcoin trading strategy that I have been testing since November as performed brilliantly over that time.

In fact the results you could have achieved or at least somewhere near are very encouraging.

Considering that we are only using one simple indicator with this trading strategy makes this all the more impressive.

Also, you won’t need any fancy charting packages or need to subscribe to any of the like.

The free IG charts are all you need to trade Bitcoin successfully.

Price Data

However, because of Bitcoin not being traded for any serious length of time, [as it happens only since December 2017 when the CBOE added it to their exchange] Has the option [no pun intended] to trade Bitcoin been brought to the masses.

This means there is obviously a lack of historical price data [compared to other established currency pairs] to use in analysis.

But this lack of data offers us the opportunity to keep Bitcoin trading as simple as possible…

All we are using to create a winning strategy that has netted over 7000 points profit this year [2018] already, are 2 exponential moving averages.


Lack of Bitcoin Data continued…

As said, the first issue that I had when developing a new strategy was that there was very limited historical data to go by.

This meant that it was going to be practically impossible to draw any accurate support and resistance levels.

This was then combined with the fact that there had only been one trend… and that was up.

Now though, almost 5 months later, there has been and is enough price data and price swings to claim that this strategy works.

Beneath is the 4 hour chart of BTC/USD from November 2017

We can see that there has been a big range of movement up to almost 20000 any right back down to 6000.


Bitcoin trading strategy


But using some simple trading skills and adding a moving average to the chart, we can see how easy Bitcoin has actually been to trade.

Let’s zoom in and take a closer look.

You can see clearly that I have added an exponential moving average with the periods 6/18 to the chart.

Bitcoin Trading Strategy Results

Now from the start of 2018 if we had traded every crossover signal on the chart that our EMA [exponential moving average] gave us, our results will have looked something like this.

Bitcoin trading

You can see I have added the trades and approximate points won or lost at each crossover. I have rounded the results off to the nearest 50 points in most cases. As always though, I have tried to be as accurate as possible.

I have calculated the results from logical entry points at the crossovers.

The trades have then been left to run until either stopped out or until the next crossover signalled to close the trade and change direction.

Stop losses were put strategically at points of recent highs before the crossovers, just above the crossovers or at the high of the previous candle next to the entry candle.

Remember I am using the 4 hour IG charts here from the start of 2018

Wins 9 = 10750 points

Losses 7 = 3470 points

Total points profit  = 7280


Bitcoin Trading Moving Average System Rules

  • Set the chart to the 4 Hour candles
  • Enter long, BUY, when the 6 moving average crosses up over the 18 moving average.
  • Go Short, SELL, when the 6 moving average crosses beneath the 18 moving average.


Exponential Moving Average

The reason that I used a moving average with this strategy is that again there is a lack of data to successfully use support and resistance lines or any other indicator that I consider useful.

This lack of data makes it harder to get the bigger price picture. Using the moving averages are helping us take the guesswork out of our trading. That obviously helps a lot when trading Bitcoin at the moment.

Moving Average Settings

You can play about with the settings of the moving averages and you may find that a different combination of settings or values works better for you. This 6/18 is what I found works best for this particular 4 hour Bitcoin chart.

I say that as these 6/18 settings will not necessarily work as well on another currency pair.

This is what you need to remember about technical indicators and trading. There is not one set of rules that works across the board for everything.

Don’t be afraid to test things out using different timeframes [candles] and different periods of moving averages. Even though this system is probably one of the best that you will see at the moment to trade Bitcoin, something else might suit you better personally for whatever reason.

As time goes on and more price data becomes available, we will be able to use support and resistance lines, candle patterns along with moving averages.

This can help give us an even clearer idea of price direction and therefore may help in making more informed decisions.

However, and certainly at the moment, using 4 hour candles and exponential moving averages has created a valuable strategy for trading Bitcoin.

Trading Banks and Stop losses

Unsurprisingly, due to the volatility you will need quite a big point’s balance in your trading bank to trade Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can still be very unpredictable and because of this combined with how much Bitcoin can move in 4 hours, stop losses tend to be quite large.

Although as you can see from the above diagrams and crossover signals, stop losses are really hit and the rewards are mainly larger than our initial risk.

Stop Loss Levels

There is no set stop loss figure that I have found that works regularly when trading Bitcoin.

Each trade is individual and finding strategic points to place a stop loss will vary from trade to trade.

One of the best places to put a stop loss is just above the moving average crossover, but this still [and obviously] doesn’t guarantee that you will be safe.

Sometimes it’s better to put a stop loss at the most recent high or low and sometimes it is preferable to put the stop loss at the high of the last candle.


Taking Bitcoin Profits

The best idea when it comes to taking profits from your Bitcoin trading is to close the trade at the crossover signals and open a trade in the opposite direction.

This eliminates the need to stress about profits and takes out the decision making out of the whole trading scenario.

The other alternative is to set a risk reward ratio and set a profit target.

So if your stop loss is 800 points then you can automatically set a take profit target at 1600 points.

This can work well for some people. The theory being that you will create a positive outcome over time as the win odds are stacked in your favour.

The downside to this take profits strategy is that you can miss out on some of the bigger wins. Sometimes you can also miss the smaller wins too. As said though, each to their own, and it is whatever suits you best.


Profitability and Other Trading Options

Without a doubt, over the coming year there will be many opportunities to trade Bitcoin and many chances to profit from other crypto currency’s.

Also it is important not to forget that there are still many other opportunities trading other currencies indices and individual stocks that can make great profits from.

Don’t get too caught up in the big hype! Yes Bitcoin has a lot to offer, but it should only be one part of your portfolio or trading activities…

For example, you may be trading with the DAX, USD/EUR for a regular source of profits and income, so adding a small position of crypto currency is into that portfolio could be deemed as sensible.

Just don’t put all your eggs in one market so to speak… unless of course you are a specialist in that one market… some traders only ever trade the DAX, USD/GBP or the S&P for example and make amazing profits.

RECAP Bitcoin Trading Strategy Rules

Set the chart to the 4 Hour candles

Enter long, BUY, when the 6 moving average crosses up over the 18 moving average.

Go Short, SELL, when the 6 moving average crosses beneath the 18 moving average.

Bitcoin Trading

Simple Trading Rules

The above rules may seem too simple to ever be profitable but I can assure you that moving average crossovers have accounted for some of the biggest wins and profits I have ever seen from trading the financial markets.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Vince Stanzione if moving averages can really help you make money trading!

Paper Trade Bitcoin

If you are new to trading then you really need to test the Bitcoin trading strategy out first by paper trading it, preferably using a good demo account with one of the reputable spread betting firms.

You see, it’s all very easy for you to see the wins and losses like I have shown above.

However, it is far harder than you may think to accurately place a stop loss so that you are kept in the trade, but are safely out the market if there is a crazy price move.

Plus you want to avoid your stop losses getting hit and concentrate on closing a trade manually when you are Bitcoin trading. Especially if you can see that the price has gone against you. There is no point in waiting to get stopped out when the stop losses requested to trade Bitcoin are so huge.

Add into that the fact that your own personally psyche will determine if you are able to let your profits run or take pre-determined profit targets as I have already explained.

If you have already had some experience with spread betting and trading, it is still advisable to tread cautiously when you first start to trade Bitcoin.

It’s better to learn well and earn smaller than it is to charge head first into the trades and lose big.

As with all trading, it is patience and discipline that also play key factors in how profitable you will be overall… that and a sound banking strategy too.

Bitcoin trading is no exception to the rule.

Demo Account

Most spread betting companies offer a demo account. IG offers a good one and you can use their charts and learn the trading ropes directly on their platform.

Using a demo account is a good way to become accustomed to spread betting and trading. But don’t get to cocky when you start to win… new traders often find it a different game all together when they start to trade with real funds.

Of course you can always just watch the price and monitor your results. But by paper trading like this you are not getting the real vibe of trading.

If you are not using a proper trading platform like the spread betting companies can offer, you’ll then have to learn how to do that once you do decide to spread bet with real funds. You may as well start out with clear intentions and get things right from the start. Plus, all the demo accounts are free to use and open.

So there you have a good strategy for cashing in on the Bitcoin trading rush.

You won’t win every trade you make… that is just fairy tales. But you will win more points than you lose over time by following the simple crossover rules and using the 4 hour charts.

New Trading Videos for the Blog

New trading videos

Phewee! It has been a very busy couple of weeks for me since the launch of my new spread betting course. Busy, but thoroughly enjoyable. I have really enjoyed meeting everyone and giving support when needed.

All the places are now full. In fact I am oversubscribed by 6. This was due to a little rush of students signing up on the last evening before the doors closed.

Anyway, the course is something that I will keep you up to date on over the year. Now I’m going to get back to blogging for you.

New Trading Videos 

As you probably know, my partner Chris helps me out a lot with the private members areas. However, he has suggested doing some new trading videos for this blog from time to time to teach trading along with my blog posts.

I’m useless at Vlogging and although Chris can do all the editing, it is easier if the videos are clear and informative with less editing from the start.

I shall upload the videos to the blog and to our YouTube Channel.

As always, I’ll be offering you longer and short term trading ideas over the coming year. These ideas combined with the videos will really help new traders grasp the trading concepts at a quicker rate. More importantly though, is that the combination of text and visuals that will help clarify more with less room for error.


The Markets and My Trading

I still love trading along with Vince Stanzione, I like the slow steady pace and long term outlook that he offers.

However, I can’t deny that shorter term trades have become a larger part of my portfolio… and certainly so over the last few years.

Having the ability to trade over the long and short term is a great asset to have.

If you are looking for a strategy to spread bet on a daily, take a look at the DAX breakout system. It’s great for steady gains over the long term even though you are only trading from day to day.

My New Spread Betting Course is Live

Rachel trader spread betting course

My new spread betting course has launched… and a spectacular launch it was indeed.

This morning, only a few places for new students remain.

Another Winning Spread Betting Trade

This is a screenshot of my trade on the morning of launch day.

260 points profit, [that actually peaked at 340 points].

The thing is that this is not a one off fluke. This is a normal occurrence. A standard trade setup if you like.

There is nothing to stop you learning to do the same.

What’s more is that this trade was made using just one of the strategies from the spread betting course.

Is my Spread Betting Course for you?

If you want to learn how to trade over the medium term and see your results compound from month to month, then I say wholeheartedly YES! My new Spread Betting Course will be ideal for you.

The strategies included in the spread betting course are fantastically profitable, easy to implement and also easy to learn.

You don’t even need a huge trading bank to get started either.

There’s no high octane promotional jargon to plough through or consider to gain access to my course. There is a simple sales page here that I have written myself, detailing the course and introducing me to those that have not heard of me before.

That said… I only have a few spots left before all the places are taken and then the offer will be finished. So the page will be surplus to requirements very soon anyway.

If you want to join me and learn how to trade in what is essentially like a one to one environment, then you need to act quickly… Really quickly! You can read more and order here.


Spread Betting Course

Spread betting course

My new spread betting course is almost ready to launch. I’m really excited about it, as is my partner Chris.

I have been finishing off the last few bits of editing and have been creating and writing a sales page. I’m not really a marketer, but I found a useful sales copy tool here and that has helped me craft an easy to read page that is not to American hard sell [no offence to our American friends]

Chris has been doing all the videos and editing them.

The combination of us creating the course has worked even better than I expected on this occasion, everything really came together professionally.

Private Members Website

We have also built a new private members website to host all the course content. This eliminates any confusion as to where to go for what information and keeps the blog seperate.

The videos are clear and brimming with trading detail. The written content I have created has been done with an easy read style with lots of images to explain the concepts. This is then followed by the video training.

I am also going to keep adding content to the private members area for the spread betting course. This content will be showing live trading and will also include any new trading strategies.

Horses for Courses

The course has four different methods of trading that are all explained in great detail.

The reason for the four strategies is that one single method will not work for everyone. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to trading. These combined strategies will suit most types of trader.

There is no claim to anything in the course being 100% mechanical and set and forget. That is not reality for these strategies.

Some are pretty hands off indeed… but there is still some effort involved on your part, although minimal.

So, if you’re looking for a system that just makes money on auto pilot, then I’m not going to be able to help you there… but good luck in finding it and if you do, please let me know as I want to use it too.

Flagship Spread Betting Course

The work that goes into the creation of these products is very heavy! In fact, it takes such an effort that we will not create any other  trading courses after this.

This spread betting course is to be my flagship system. It will be updated regularly, but I will be not be creating another product again from scratch.

Close Knit Customers

My customers, readers and subscribers are awesome [you know you are]. Even the most awkward and hard work of you I have grown fond off. I want to keep this relationship going and keep offering 110% effort when it comes to customer service. I completely understand that some of you need far more assistance than others and I want to be able to help if the need arises.

To continue to make this possible, I have decided to limit sales of the course to 50.

Only 50 Spaces Available

This may seem low… but emailing and taking care of you is very time consuming; so 50 students is what I believe to be somewhere near manageable without exhausting the hours in my day.

If I get any dropouts then I will offer the place to someone else.

There will be a discount offer on launch day as well and that will run for the first week.

If I fail to fill all the places in that first week, then the price will then go up to its regular price regardless.

Looking Forward to Launching

I’m buzzing about my new spread betting course and I am looking forward to helping you learn how to trade over the coming months.

Keep an eye on the blog and your email for the 24 hour pre-launch notice.

Long Term Trader or Short Term Trader – What are You?

Trading the financial markets can be full of pitfalls and hurdles.

So many conflicting theories and different advice to consider… and that’s before you have even opened a single trade.

However, one key that can help you step into the wealth that trading can offer is discovering and accepting what type of trader you are and trading to those strengths.

Types of Traders

Traders can be whittled down into a few common types of personalities.

  • You are either long term or short term trader
  • You are both long term and short term trader
  • You are a day trader.

When I started trading, I was predominantly a long term trader. My positions stayed open for months at a time and were then rolled over.

I still am a long term trader. I tend to buy actual stocks now and spread bet a little less over the long term.

However, writing this blog is what helped me develop as a shorter term trader too.

I don’t actually need to trade short term from a financial perspective. The fact is that I have enjoyed the challenge of learning how to trade shorter term and also enjoy helping others learn the ropes of short term trading.

But what advice can I give you to start trading or improve your trading from this point today?

Decide on what kind of trader you want to be and stay with it, or accept what trader you are and trade to those advantages.

Obviously you may not know what type of trader you are at the moment. So I’ll give you some examples of the different options above. You’ll then have a clearer picture of what will or may suit you.

Long Term Trader

The long term trader will look to hold multiple positions for months and years. They will take long term spread bet contracts and also buy and hold stocks.

The Long term trader has no pressing engagement to create immediate wealth.

They are delighted to make 30% a year. If they only made 10% they’d still be more than happy.

Long term traders are calm and relaxed when thinking about their portfolios.

The Long and Short Term Trader

The Long and short term trader will look at holding some positions for a points profit target or until various technical indicators give a signal to exit a trade over the short term.

These traders will look at trading over days and weeks, with trades occasionally slipping into a month or more on the short term.

They will buy stocks and ETFs to hold long term and balance their portfolio.

Some of these traders can do exceptionally well, but they are far and few between. Most are far better off just trading long term, but rarely realise it.

Day Traders

The shorter term trader may trade a single indice or multiple forex pairs. Maybe even a combination of both.

They will be looking for quick gains

They rarely trade individual stocks.

Their trading style is full on and they will be busy at trading throughout the day.

Cast iron discipline is needed to be profitable in the day trading arena. Day traders also need the ability to follow a strategy without any sort of deviation what so ever.

Most day traders lose money and are rarely prepared for the reality of financial trading.

Day traders often blow their entire bank within 3 weeks.

Trade to Your personal Strengths

Obviously the above personalities are examples, but they are quite accurate from my experience.

Trading success starts with YOU and the foundations you lay. You need to decide on what you want to achieve from trading before actually starting trading using funds.

Plus, you’ll often find the reality of trading is far different than what you expect. So you will need to adapt and be ready to do so when called for.

Trade to your personal strengths and remember that the style of trading that suits YOU best is the one that makes YOU money… regardless of being long or short term.

Crazy Markets New strategies and Bitcoin

Volatility in the markets has been bonkers over the last couple of weeks.

Everything that shouldn’t happen, seemed to happened for some traders.

On the other side of the coin, some of the volatility has been a bonus to many.

My new German 30 strategy that is included in my new trading course has made some serious profits over the last few weeks. Over 1000 points profit to be more precise.

German 30 strategy

The forex trading strategies in the course are also showing steady profits using 4H charts with simple price action and swing trading.


Share Prices

Most share prices have taken a hit recently. In my portfolio though, you have to remember that practically all of those positions, I buy the actual share and hold long term. I don’t spread bet shares as often anymore. I do not use stops on those shares either.

If shares lose $10 in a couple of weeks it is of little concern when you know you are likely to hold these for the next few years at least.

A true market crash isn’t going to happen over a single evening. If all pointers were leading to a bear market then I’d be out of my shares and into something else.

You adapt to the markets and prosper… if they change you change.

Of course there is always the option to stay out of the markets completely if you are in doubt.

Bitcoin Trading UK

The financial news has been making me laugh [even more than normal] lately. The reports they dish out regarding cryptos is beyond erratic.

Within 48 hrs , reports read, the bitcoin bubble had really burst and then the following day bitcoin was going to reach $50,000 this year.

How funny.

Better just to watch the price as it doesn’t lie.

I still say bitcoin will go past $25,000 and up to the $50,000.

It has been battered lately yes, but it will find its feet again and there will be a good chance to buy in again this year.

A great way to start bitcoin trading is with the XBT tracker, if you think it is going to rise that is.

However, drawing support and resistance lines and levels is proving to be one of the easiest ways to spread bet and trade bitcoin over the short term.

Bitcoin trading



How You can Invest in 2018

After a much needed rest, I’m ready to hit 2018 with a clear and stress free head.

I hope that my recent break will be one of many this year; as I am planning to go to Spain and Portugal more often over the coming year to look at properties to buy.

If we don’t buy anything, then we will rent a place long term. It is actually a very cost effective way to holiday more without the commitment of owning. You can rent long term for around 400 euros a month and still be central enough to social life and even beaches.

Whilst buying property sounds or seems like a good investment on the face of things, it’s actually not that great when you analyse the returns. That’s why I think renting is not as bad as it’s made out to be; as long as you are also investing sensibly elsewhere.

How You can Invest in 2018

The returns on our recent house sale equated to just over 3.7% a year with a total return on investment of 39.42% over the 10 year duration.

The average yearly return on the S&P 500 over the last 10 years has been 7%

Add into that, trading the Dogs of the Dow each year, which  has returned on average 9.5% over the last 10 years and you’re looking at a yearly return of around 17%

These ideas are simple, steady and strategically sound investments that anyone can follow and take part in.

You don’t need any special skills, publications or subscriptions to take care of your own wealth if you are looking for slow steady returns.

On top of those return, I make more with the selections I get with Vince Stanzione… His stock picking is absolutely amazing.

Think of Investing Long Term

What have you got planned for investments for the next 10 or 20 years?

You can invest in property like traditional UK homeowners do and get around 3% a year returns, or maybe you can act like a professional and have investments in both?

However you look at it, investing in the mentioned ideas above beat the returns of property investments hands down.

Let’s look at what an average deposit on a house [£35,000] looks like after compounding interest over the next 20 years compared to investing the same amount in the markets and receiving various other percentages of investment returns.

Investment in 2018

It’s clear and safe to say that there are better investments available than property nowadays.

Another Idea to Invest in 2018

Another strategy to consider is… If you invested as above long term and then had another smaller account to spread bet with short term , then you could just keep reinvesting your short term spread betting profits into a longer term account. You could actually buy shares and hold them. Schwab and HL are good places to buy and sell stocks.

Spread Betting Returns

So what kind of returns can you get? Let’s say you started spread betting trading with £2000 and made 25% returns each month from trading the price movements of shares and the Forex markets…

You could build your spread betting bank up to a figure where you could take out your personal living expenses every month and then also add an affordable £1000 each month to your long term share trading account. Now that’s a plan with sensible leverage.

It is quite possible to do this after a year or so with a good spread betting strategy.

So using our £2000 bank and returning on average 25% each month.

You then compound your profits for a year.

Investments 2018

If you hit a modest 18-25% return, this gives you a bank of more than enough to generate an income to live on, enough to regularly add surplus to a longer term trading account and enough to also keep compounding your initial spread betting bank.

Doing this over 10 or 20 years may sound too long right now, but it isn’t at all. Think how quick the last 5 years have gone?

Growing Your Long Term Bank

Now I understand that not everyone has 35K lying around to invest in a long term trading account as in my example above… but most wealthy people didn’t start out with mountains of cash either.

However, building your wealth slowly and surely is the idea here.

Making around 17-25 % annually may not sound exciting enough to you, but you have just beaten most hedge fund managers annual returns. However…

…Start by growing what you can afford to invest

A small spread betting account making 8% each week [24% Monthly] can grow amazingly fast if you keep reinvesting your profits… and look at what can happen if you hit 10% a week.

spread betting profits

So for example, if you were trading 8 positions over a month, with a realistic 50% strike rate [50% is actually conservative]and your losses were [obviously] kept smaller than your wins we can expect a positive outcome.

If you return a 2/1 basis, then you should be able to make 8% + a week returns on average.

Example: you risk 50 points to make 100 and only half of your trades were ever winners, you’d still have created a successful and profitable edge for yourself.

It doesn’t take long to accomplish these types of returns if you are realistic from the start and if you avoid falling into the trap of overnight success syndrome.

I will be covering more about all of this in my new spread betting course.

Compound Interest Calculator

Here is my Rachel Trader Compound Interest calculator Rachel-Trader-Compound-Interest.xlsx that you can download and keep. You can add your own values in and see what sort of returns you can get.

Remember, be realistic. You won’t make a guaranteed set percentage every week or month… in fact sometimes you might even lose 10 or 20%. Over time though, with a solid strategy and discipline you’ll come out on top.

Also… I have mentioned this book many times before… if you have never read The Richest Man in Babylon, do yourself a huge favour and order a copy. It is one of the best books you’ll ever read on how to create wealth.

Happy New Year

happy new year

Happy New Year

I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and I hope that the New Year brings all that you wish for.

2017 was a great year for me as a trader. The results from trading alongside Vince have been amazing.


On a personal level, I had a lot to deal with over the last year.

Injuries have kept me from my usual fitness regime; this has had a huge impact on me.

I have often felt deflated and lacking my usual spark. Physical exercise is very important to me as it is to my family. It has been difficult restrict myself from training and keep fit activities.

However, I’m now 90% recovered, hopefully avoided surgery and sooooooo looking forward to getting back to the gym in January.

The case is solve’ed

That last four years have seen me go through a huge and ugly litigation with family members. All of Clouseauwhich should have and could have been avoided!

This year has seen this issue finally bought to its conclusion. It has been emotional to say the least but I am glad that I can move on from it.

It could have taken a lot out of me over the years… instead I decided to take everything I could out of the situation and make it a positive.

I learnt so much about life from having to deal with all that ****. It has shown me a path to becoming a truly better person.

Even though the final outcome was financially positive for me, the main benefit seems to have been what the whole episode has taught me…


…And that is, that you are far better off to live your life in the NOW… rather than overthinking where you want to be because you think that is what is going to make you happy.

I have been practising living in the NOW ever since reading “The Power of Now” and it has been highly enlightening to my life. So one book I encourage you to read in 2018 is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

Although some may find the book difficult to digest, keep at it. It may well be life changing for you. I have the audio version too and I find that simply amazing.

2017 also coincided with our house move. This can be a stressful period for many, but after realising that it as pointless to get stressed over the situation, I decided to just let everything BE…as no point stressing about the things I can’t change of influence any further.  We finally got moved the day after Vince Stanziones Crypto Seminar.


I have been a strict vegan for the last 3 months. And considering that I have not be keeping as fit as I like to and demanding even more from my body, I have found that the diet as a whole has really not suited me.

I have struggled to keep my protein levels up, iron high enough and my body in shape. Generally the vegan diet has run me down. If I listen to my body, it has not been happy.

I have had repeated colds and flu, lower energy levels and my poor nails are brittle.

But in the name of ethical farming and trying to stop cruelty and suffering to animals I’m in a tight spot.

I also understand that all the animal farming is battering our planet.

On a positive, going vegan has taught me so much about diet and the dangers of eating any farmed meat, red meat, pork and chicken especially. However, I just do not think that eating supermarket meat is an option for me anymore.

Adding some fish in to my diet may be one viable option, but that also comes with issues… mainly sustainability.

I will keep you updated on what I’m doing.

up or down

Binary Trading

My binary trading service which started off at a gallop slowed down dramatically throughout the year. There could have been many reasons for this.

One major factor was trying to keep everyone happy and get everyone the same results. This has been futile.

Trying to trade longer time periods so everyone can has time to get the trades on and win has been totally detrimental… but… realistically, there is no way that the service could operate at all if I was giving out the faster but far more accurate 15-30  minute trades.

These issues have grated on my soul.

What’s more is that the FCA is now going to regulate binary options from the 3rd January 2018

This means that I will not be able to offer binary advice.

However, you can still make some awesome low risk gains trading binary options yourself. You can start small and build up but also know your exact risk/reward before placing the trade. This is great way to start learning about trading the markets before moving on to spread betting.

Just Me

I’m giving you this run down so that you can take a glimpse of my life and see that I am just a normal everyday person.

I have all the troubles and strife that many others have to deal with.

The trader is just one part of my life.

You can learn to trade too if you wish…. But you’ll still be you. There is no miracle hidden inside the results.

I realised long ago that there is no holy grail to make your dream life come true. Try to live in the now, stop criticizing yourself over not reaching your goals and desires fast enough. Try to be happy now and then everything else will follow.



So what have I got planned for 2018.

Well, from now until mid-January I’m having a holiday. There will be no updates during that period.

However, some really exciting news is that I have a new spread betting course planned and in progress.

This will be a thorough course and will explain in detail how to get the edge in spread betting. It’s far more than just choosing up and down in the markets and adding a moving average.

Also… I may personally mentor a very small handful of you on profitable spread betting. This will be coupled with a member’s area and a list of my trades as and when I open and close them.

If I do decide on this then places will be limited.

I shall keep you updated.

Once again, wishing you a very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year that is awesome in every way.