Cryptocurrency Trading – The Future of Forex

Cryptocurrency Trading

A few years ago, back in 2013, I wrote about the possibilities of trading cryptocurrency. At that point in time, bitcoin was the main word on everyone’s lips… and still is the most recognised cryptocurrency today… but there are others that have and are making a big noise today too.


So what is cryptocurrency? Well obviously it is a currency, but just not as we know it.


I love this explanation.


“Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others, and confused the heck out of the rest of us.” – Thomas Carper, US-Senator


The reason I like that quote is that it is just so accurate. It really is, cutting edge, fearful and confusing. Much like the first man to wear a top hat in public. OK, maybe not quite as outrageous. But it is certainly making headlines.


It’s All New and Confusing


Now even though I mentioned bitcoin way back, I’m certainly not going to claim I know the ins and outs of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. In fact, I’m probably as clueless as the rest of the masses.


If you want to know more, you can read more here about cryptocurrency and what it is and what it’s all about.


Cryptocurrency Trading


The reason I’m mentioning it today is that an insider email I got from Vince Stanzione highlighted a massive opportunity that is about to come us trader’s way… what’s more is that it is something that everyone has the chance to get in on.


Now you’re not going to need to know all the technical details about cryptocurrency to be able to cash in on this.


All you’re going to need to know is how to spread bet the forex markets or place a trade on binary [once they add it].


Now, I can’t say much about the opportunity at the moment, but as soon as I have all the details from Vince I’ll drop you a link.


In the meantime, have a read about cryptocurrencies and try and get your head round it. It’s not that difficult if you keep it simple.


The Next Big Thing


If you can remember the bubble then it may just pay to be ahead of the pack on this one too.


I have told you before, that Vince is the undisputed king of finding emerging markets… and this one might be a financial game changer for many.


Let’s hope so.