Day Trading Course Launch

day trading course

Day Trading Course

My day trading course launched last night. I have been really excited [and a bit nervous] about it… but it has gone down really well.

The system is really easy to use. There are no complicated chart features or long winded tutorials.

There is however a really thorough guide with lots of trading examples and videos that will help you learn to trade profitably.

As I have already mentioned in previous posts, my system uses fixed odds binary bets. This means that you know exactly how much you stand to win or lose. There are no scary price movements that can leave you with an empty bank.

Also, you really don’t need a big bank to start trading. £100 can see you learn and profit as you go… and within no time you can be making a couple of £50 trades a day.

day trading binary system

There are no dodgy staking plans either. Level stakes works great.

You don’t need any expensive charting packages to trade my system. The free charts at binary or IG are fine.

All you need to do is follow the rules that the system gives you and stay disciplined.

I know it sounds easy… but it is, and that’s the idea. Don’t think that because it is easy that it is not profitable though… You’d be totally mistaken.


In saying all this, I couldn’t have created such a great course without my partner… He has really helped me stay confident… not about trading or the quality of the course… rather he helped me believe that I could indeed help others to learn how to trade.

As well as doing the videos, hours of discussing the traders v gamblers mind-set and spotting areas that needed addressing to help day traders win long term.

You can read more about my new day trading course here.

Or you can order here