The one thing

De Stress – Chill out with a paperback

I love reading. Always have, as my partner has too. But I can’t remember the last paperback I read. That’s sad really.

Times have changed, sure. But I do so much reading on my iPad nowadays that buying a paperback seems almost a forgotten option.

I thought just the other day that I’d buy a kindle for outside reading as the screens are better than the iPad screens in the sun.

Poor old books…no, I really mean that. So I have just ordered The One Thing in paperback.

Do you try to do too much?

I found out about this book from a guy that runs a blog about selling on amazon. His podcasts are brilliant as well. I’ve chatted to him by email and he really knows his Amazon business. All his content is free so worth checking out.

As said, I almost bought the kindle version of this book but refrained from doing so. [I’m glad I did].

The book is about concentrating on one thing [unsurprisingly] at a time and to keep going until whatever it is that you need to do is done.

It goes deeper into how to shut out everything that is irrelevant to the cause and just focus on the one objective.

It sounds like the book is about removing all the unnecessary junk out of our lives and concentrating on the most important single goal effectively.

From what I can understand it is not just about business, the strategy can be used in any area of your life, health, wealth, relationships and more.

I’m looking forward to reading this.

Take some time out to De Stress

De Stress

It’s OK; I’m not going to start to preach on to you about anything. I’m just going to give you some very interesting scientific facts about the benefits of meditation.

Stress, far more than just a headache

It’s no secret that stress is affecting us negatively. In fact some say that stress in its many forms can be fatal.

Yes we have all heard about it and know when we are really stressed, but how well are we dealing with it?

I read this article recently about the benefits of meditation; they claim that the huge rise in depression is a direct result of all the stress. They go on to claim that meditation is just as effective as some anti-depressants as a solution to depression.

Is it things like exchanging the good old paperback for the iPad and the amount of other nonstop entertainment devices that we have today that is subconsciously stressing us out?

Makes me wonder if we are dealing with stress most of the day?

My Advice

So it is my advice in this post to remember the enjoyment of reading a paperback and pick one up this summer.

Also check out meditation… there are so many benefits from doing so. Ironically there are many apps that can help you get started.

My partner is into hypnosis and meditation seriously. He always says he feels better for doing it regularly [meditate and hypnosis]. In fact he says he almost does it naturally now. He says it’s like reminding yourself to stop thinking.


We are going to be having some holiday time now for a couple of weeks.

I’m going to try and not think too much for the next fortnight. I’m looking forward to it.

Haven’t booked anything abroad, but we shall be along the south coast at various stops. The UK has some fabulous places to visit. Plus the thought of driving to the airport, queuing, checking in and everything else is that goes with summer holidays is, well, it’s stressful.

Read some Trading Books

Also might be an idea to take some time to swot up on your trading over the summer if you are still looking to get started.

With the US elections almost upon us, I think there will be some good trading opportunities after the results. I think Hillary will get in… If so, the world is essentially being run by women… May, Merkel,Clinton. Girl power.

Anyway, have a great holiday if you are having one and I’ll update with anything super worthwhile if it can’t wait or anything amusing that I just have to share.