Easter – Pop Open the Champagne and Chocolate

Just a quick update before the Easter weekend starts in full.

I shall be unavailable until Tuesday as I will be taking a few days’ rest.

I’m actually feeling great, but a new bodyweight training programme that is 5 mornings a week has my muscles screaming for some pampering.

Plus, I shall also indulge in some Champagne and chocolate… ok a lot of Champagne and chocolate over the coming days.

We as a family are not big drinkers by any means, but it is Easter after all and I have worked very hard this year… well that’s all the excuse I needed.

Easter Results

Trading has been awesome and also my new students are picking up the pace. I must say it has been an absolute pleasure in teaching them all. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to do so.

My points profit total from last Friday up to this Easter weekend [as I write this Good Friday Morning] is just over 1700 points… that is not a typo.

Obviously the results in points are not always that huge, but my Bitcoin trade using the system that I published here for free on the blog last week, made up a large chunk of those points. Then there were some good DAX profits too.

Spread Betting Margins

The ESMA have now finalised their stand on margins for spread betting retail customers and CFD traders.

This basically means that all nonprofessional traders will need to hold a bigger account balance to trade the same trades that they are already trading.

Or if you are new and opening an account then you will need more money for margin to trade.

You can read more here

The impact looks something like this.






In my opinion this will not make any difference to anything. The retail traders that make regular money will continue to do so. The gamblers will continue to lose.

If the ESMA are seriously worried about preventing retail customers losing money from trading or gambling, then they need to step into sports betting and trading to make a bigger difference!

Anyway, not to bring a downer to anyone over Easter, if you learn to trade properly then you will make money long term… margin requirements just need to be bigger, that’s all.

Have a great Easter