Out of the EU

Everything you need to know about the Brexit

It’s amazing how many people seem more interested about the Brexit than they ever do about the general election.

Even in the gym last night people were holding court on should we stay or go… Everyone has an opinion on it. Mine is stay, not forever but I don’t think it’s the right time now. That’s my opinion, right or wrong.

But why stay in the EU? Why leave the EU?

Stay in the EU

If the polls are anything to go by we are very equally divided in the debate. The main reasons for staying in the EU are sensible, or at least to those of us that are actually leaning that way. As of today 16th June 2016 this is how it’s looking.

Brexit poll

But all of this means nothing until until it’s over right? Until the fat man sings.

I just can’t and won’t believe all that the papers are saying. Although I do feel that the polls are close, how many times have we seen these polls prove inaccurate come D-Day?

Brexit Leave the EU

It looks like we could be heading out of the EU according the this most recent of polls… but why are so many brits wanting out? Whilst there are obviously many individual reasons that these British folk feel that we should leave the EU, to me it seems that many are basing their decision or vote on the strength of controlling immigration.

Out of the EU

This might be true… Eventually… and I can understand the logic behind this ideal. But it is not going to solve the problem with illegal immigrants outright. Nor is it going to deal with the illegals that are already here.

But can you really trust what Boris J has got to say?

This is serious business for all of us concerned but I find he mocks the realistic outcome.

That is my opinion, anyone for the Brexit will probably disagree.

If everyone is really in a panic over leaving the EU is it really likely to happen?


As I have already said and explained, these are just my views. Whatever happens on the 23rd June 2016 will affect all of us one way or another.

As a trader though how can you profit from the Brexit?

Well, I shorted the Euro, Swiss Franc

Sell Euro

And also recently bought Silver, which was one of Vince’s recommendations.

Buy Silver


Obviously there are many ways to profit from the brexit, even if only trading the Volatility Index.

Nothing in set in stone though and the markets are volatile at the moment, so trade small stakes or use binary.com