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fat fiction

Some Food for thought in this post.


If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I like to try and stay fit and healthy.


You’ll also know that at one stage I was vegan and that I have not eaten meat since 2017.


My choices for this were because of the way that animals are being kept, the breeding and how they were slaughtered. I find it cruel and unacceptable.


It hasn’t been easy avoiding all meat products, nor has it been enjoyable.


My diet has been very high in carbohydrates. Something that it never was when I ate meat.


I know how crabs [carbohydrates] raise blood sugar and that we do not need carbs to survive.


However, I kept on with my high carb no meat diet in the name of empathy for animals.


Every Cloud…


Corona Virus has changed the world, but for each and everyone of us, the virus has given us our own stories; in a way much like WWll I imagine.


For me, the Corona Virus had the knock on effect of stopping me from going to the gym regularly, which led to me feeling unwell, gaining weight and re-evaluating my entire diet and eating plan.


After a lot of consideration, deliberation and psychological pain, I decided to eat meat again after all these years.


And do you know what? I have really started to feel so much better. In fact, I’m amazed at how eating meat again has improved my wellbeing in the last few weeks alone.


My mood has improved, my energy levels have increased, I have lost weight already, I’m happier, I’m getting more done and I am looking forward to my food again.


Also my blood sugars have dropped dramatically.


I have not eaten anything processed in the last three weeks and have not eaten any carbs.


My diet has been low carb and high fat and protein.


And I love it.


My meat has been mostly free range and organic.


I have had lots of veg but very little fruit. A few berries a day with some cream at most.


Am I a Hypocrite?


No I’m not at all. I’m still hugely interested and proactive in the welfare of animals. I realise that I do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to care. This has been very liberating for me.


You can read and listen about how Lierre Keith went from vegan to meat eater again and why here. It’s very interesting.


You can also learn about some of the reasons why I was finding being meat free detrimental to my health by watching a documentary I discovered. It really is an eye opener and it convinced me to reconsider my diet.


Fat Fiction


Even if you are already a meat eater, you can get something out of Fat Fiction. It really goes into detail about how we have been misled on what to eat over the last 50 years and what the cause of the obesity epidemic might actually be. It’s a fascinating film.


Whatever your current diet is, if you feel that something isn’t quite right with your health or that you are not getting the body from all the gym sessions and dieting that you have been doing, then there is a good chance that your diet may be to blame.


I was born in an era when saturated fat was labelled as the bad or even worst thing that you can possible have in your diet. Low fat and high carbs where the recommendations for eating healthy… that turns out to be the worst advice for our health that the health professionals could have given us.


The fact is that there was never any truth or scientific proof that saturated fat caused heart disease and that eating fat made you fat. It was a lie.


Fat Fiction could really open your eyes to what a healthy diet should consist of.


You are what you eat, remember that saying from years ago? What rubbish.


Staying Healthy


I think the Corona Virus has bought home to many of us how important it is to stay as healthy as possible. According to stats, many of the fatalities from the virus were those with underling health issues and obesity being one of the main culprits.


Personally, going Vegan and then Vegetarian hasn’t worked for me. It was no good for my health, mentally or physically.


I am happy to be eating meat again and happier to be becoming healthier than I have been over the last few years.


Think Vegan Think Again


One of the major flaws I have found with the whole vegetarian/vegan culture is that it makes you feel like you can’t care about the welfare of animals unless you are one of the above. This is ridiculous!


If vegan activists took the approach that anyone who eats meat should consider the welfare of the animal before slaughter, then I feel this may lead to a more effective approach to improving the lives of livestock overall.


Basically, if vegans and meat eaters both demand that animals are treated ethically, then the combined force will undoubtedly be far greater in getting a positive result.


Here’s a link to Fat fiction again. I really hope it helps some of you.