Financial Spread Betting 2017

Financial spread betting 2017

What’s in store for 2017

My trading results with Vince Stanzione in 2016 were fantastic. But I think that 2017 will be even better.

There were a couple of larger losses that I avoided last year. These were on Brexit and the US elections. Even though I traded less in 2016 I actually made more.

Also, although my profits were relatively steady during most of the year, I did make a lot of points in the last 6/8 weeks of the year. This was a great boost.

I am unable to share the trades that Vince advises me on as I’m part of a private members group and this information is very restricted, but the amount of points profit you can make a year from all the various systems and strategies that Vince uses is phenomenal.

Plus, if you consider that I am still spread betting most positions, that’s pretty awesome.

Many of the opportunities that Vince highlights can actually be bought as shares. This means that you own part of whatever it may be and you can receive yearly dividends as a bonus. So, making money on the shares that you are holding makes even more after the dividends.

I don’t trade everything that Vince recommends… there are just too many for my bank to support. And I do actually have my own filters that I apply to his suggestions.

These filters that I use normally revolve around, Vince’s expected time to be in the position, stake sizes, volatility and so on.

Spread betting

Financial Spread Betting 2017

Then there are other systems that I use that Vince has taught, that basically pay a good yearly bonus or very worst case more or less evens. These are just very low risk opportunities that are well worth taking a punt on each year.

Vince also spots some great sector opportunities. Most of these can be traded by ETFs. This gives you exposure in the markets, without being strapped to a single share. ETFs are becoming more and more of a trader’s staple.

Overall, I keep a balanced portfolio by following someone that clearly know what they are doing.

Even if Vince were to vanish in the morning, I’d still be able to make trading pay because what I have learned over the years are strategies that will continue to perform over the long term.

Keeping my trading stakes and bank controlled with a balanced portfolio is key to profitable long term trading.

You can read some reviews on Vince’s system here.

So, I think 2017 is going to be a fantastic year to trade. No Brexit to consider or elections hanging over us. I can feel this will be a great trading year.