Free Binary Bet Free £20 Binary Trade

Free Binary Bet

Free Binary Bet Offer

As promised, here is the link to get a completely Free Binary Bet.

You do not need to make a deposit to get the free Binary bet. Plus it’s £20 so a great offer.

All you need to do is open a real account.

Just go here now and sign up.

Binary Trading System

My partner and I have been working on my binary trading system, and we’ll be adding some new video’s and content to the members area in May/June.

The feedback for the system so far has been awesome… and most people hitting 70+% strike rate. Some that are trading the fast system have crushed it. I’m happy for them all.

But me being me, I want to totally over deliver on my trading system and keep improving and moving forward.

I do not want to create more binary trading systems to sell separately and profit from like many marketers do. Anything that works will be added free to the members area.

New Content

The new content will also show how to find more trading opportunities using other currencies and even stocks.

We are also working on a hedging strategy that will enable you to place a binary trade over a longer period and trade shorter term movements to cover some of your stake money. In essence increasing return on investment. This will enable even the most risk adverse traders to make better profits.

Vince Stanzione Seminar

Vince Stanzione has his last seminar on the 5th/6th May. Either I or my partner will be there if not both of us.

I’m going to be very interested to hear his views of what he thinks will happen over next few years now that Trump is in? Now things are settling down I think there’s going to be good buy and sell opportunities with increased accuracy.

I’m also looking forward to getting the heads up on some good long term trades. As it happens I still have money in some trades from the last seminar.