General Update – Binary Alert Service

General update

General Update and Binary Service Results

I didn’t get the chance to do a proper update of results for my Binary Alert Service in May. So I thought I’d do a general update instead.

Overall it was a poorer run of binary trade results and as of the 1st of June when I initially was going to write the update I was up by around £51 on the previous month.


Just over a week later I was marginally down.


This is when you need to grasp trading psychology and understand that the aim is to look long term and the results will be positive.


My starting bank is still up over 110% since I started the service.


Although I can’t deny that I wasn’t upset about a few bad results… [mainly because I have subscribers that I want to make profits for]. I I have been trading the markets long enough to know that this is not science. We will have ups and downs.


If you can’t stomach losses, then trading is unlikely to be for you.


Anyhow, I’ll cut and paste all the images and do a complete update next month.


Trading Support and Clients


A huge portion of my mornings have been taken up by support for some of my customers.


Whilst the majority of my customers do not need any support at all… or maybe I get an email from some of them once a week, others are in a league of their own.


Sometimes this has a bit of an impact on me. Not because I don’t like giving support… but occasionally after a mornings support session, I haven’t wanted to do much else. I’m drained for the day.


I remember Vince Stanzione saying that 20% of your customers will need 80% of your support… well I’m closer to 1% of my customers need 99% of my support.


It’s seems to be a case of some people are just incredibly hard work. Nice people? undoubtedly… just a little demanding.


Out of all my subscribers and customers though, I have only ever had to bar one person. He just had to go. Another came close… but I think that overall I have a great crowd of customers and subscribers that I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be trading with.


What have I got planned from here on for 2017?


Well, I want to concentrate of writing longer blog posts about how to trade. I’ll focus on areas that I use personally, have used and also areas I consider to be not so useful to traders and why I think that.


Also I want to write about my life as a trader, and what being a self employed blogger can realistically bring to one’s life.


I’ll also mention some stocks and positions on occasion if possible.


Spread Betting Guide


I’m also looking at a day trading opportunity that will be for spread betting The German 30 DAX.


I’m not sure of how to offer this at the moment though… free or added to the member’s area. However, it will certainly not be ready until late Autumn at the earliest.


Learning to Trade


As I have said previously in posts, the summer is a great time to practice and learn how to trade. It is a generally quiet time for traders. If you start studying now, you can then be ready for the markets springing to life in the Autumn. Even if you take a few books on holiday with you, it’s a start.