Goal setting 2017 Make it Your Best Ever Year

goal setting 2017

I hope you all had a great Christmas… and here’s wishing you all a great 2017.

2016 proved to be a year of learning for me. Although I’m always trying to learn something new, I concentrated on self improvement a lot this year.

I enjoyed this studying immensely.

The main reason that I was able to do this, was because my daughter started to do more and also longer days at pre-school nursery.

Not that I read books all day if she was at nursery, but I could juggle my time far more efficiently and have larger chunks of the evenings for me and my things.

The Trading Year

There was a lot going on this year with Brexit and the US elections.

Even though these events held some regular trading opportunities in gridlock, prices still moved up and down on all manor of things. In fact, there were quite a few quick trades that lasted only a few months this year.

I didn’t bet or trade on either of the above events. If I had I’d have lost them both.

Day Trading System

As you know, a lot of time this year has been spent researching day trading strategies. This has been one huge effort. But over the last few weeks I have been getting the first draft ready of my new system down… It should be finished by the last week of January.

Goals 2017

What’s my System Like

Well, I’m not only going to be offering you some system rules and pages of filler. I have been writing the guide from my own personal angle and perspective.

I’ve tried to address the reasons why you won’t make money day trading or any sort of trading…

This has nothing to do with the system… as that is cast iron.

It has everything to do with YOU though.

From not following rules, setting targets, setting trading times, starting banks, taking losses, over trading and even not trading enough. I’ve considered every thought thoroughly that entered my mind.

There is not one system that will suit all… although I feel by addressing the problems traders have emotionally when it comes to making trading pay, that I have come close.

You will be able to trade using my system at times throughout the day and evening that suits your current situation.

You could trade all day if you wished… But as always remember the golden rule! The money’s in the waiting. And that goes for day trading too.

Goal Setting 2017 Planning Your Year Ahead

If you haven’t read it yet read “The One Thing” set your goals around achieving that one thing and don’t stop until it’s done.

Use goal setting in 2017 to keep you focused. Plan a list of sub goals [no more than 5] that will get you to your main goal, [your one thing].

Each time you reach a sub goal, reward yourself.

I learnt this technique from the book 59 seconds. It complements The One Thing superbly.


I have mentioned this in a few posts over the year… If you have never tried meditation before, you must at least have a go… I really can’t endorse it enough.

Meditation has been a big part of my daily life over this last year. I truly feel better for doing it. In fact, I look forward to it so much now, I miss it if I don’t meditate at least once a day.

It’s like your own brain enhancement system that is made just for you.  Awesome.

Make 2017 your best year yet

Wherever you are in your life at the moment, I wish you all the best for the coming year. Concentrate on the one major thing that will make your life better… and keep going until it’s done.

Believe in yourself… you’re stronger than you think and smarter than you can imagine.