Happy New Year

happy new year

Happy New Year

I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and I hope that the New Year brings all that you wish for.

2017 was a great year for me as a trader. The results from trading alongside Vince have been amazing.


On a personal level, I had a lot to deal with over the last year.

Injuries have kept me from my usual fitness regime; this has had a huge impact on me.

I have often felt deflated and lacking my usual spark. Physical exercise is very important to me as it is to my family. It has been difficult restrict myself from training and keep fit activities.

However, I’m now 90% recovered, hopefully avoided surgery and sooooooo looking forward to getting back to the gym in January.

The case is solve’ed

That last four years have seen me go through a huge and ugly litigation with family members. All of Clouseauwhich should have and could have been avoided!

This year has seen this issue finally bought to its conclusion. It has been emotional to say the least but I am glad that I can move on from it.

It could have taken a lot out of me over the years… instead I decided to take everything I could out of the situation and make it a positive.

I learnt so much about life from having to deal with all that ****. It has shown me a path to becoming a truly better person.

Even though the final outcome was financially positive for me, the main benefit seems to have been what the whole episode has taught me…


…And that is, that you are far better off to live your life in the NOW… rather than overthinking where you want to be because you think that is what is going to make you happy.

I have been practising living in the NOW ever since reading “The Power of Now” and it has been highly enlightening to my life. So one book I encourage you to read in 2018 is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

Although some may find the book difficult to digest, keep at it. It may well be life changing for you. I have the audio version too and I find that simply amazing.

2017 also coincided with our house move. This can be a stressful period for many, but after realising that it as pointless to get stressed over the situation, I decided to just let everything BE…as no point stressing about the things I can’t change of influence any further.  We finally got moved the day after Vince Stanziones Crypto Seminar.


I have been a strict vegan for the last 3 months. And considering that I have not be keeping as fit as I like to and demanding even more from my body, I have found that the diet as a whole has really not suited me.

I have struggled to keep my protein levels up, iron high enough and my body in shape. Generally the vegan diet has run me down. If I listen to my body, it has not been happy.

I have had repeated colds and flu, lower energy levels and my poor nails are brittle.

But in the name of ethical farming and trying to stop cruelty and suffering to animals I’m in a tight spot.

I also understand that all the animal farming is battering our planet.

On a positive, going vegan has taught me so much about diet and the dangers of eating any farmed meat, red meat, pork and chicken especially. However, I just do not think that eating supermarket meat is an option for me anymore.

Adding some fish in to my diet may be one viable option, but that also comes with issues… mainly sustainability.

I will keep you updated on what I’m doing.

up or down

Binary Trading

My binary trading service which started off at a gallop slowed down dramatically throughout the year. There could have been many reasons for this.

One major factor was trying to keep everyone happy and get everyone the same results. This has been futile.

Trying to trade longer time periods so everyone can has time to get the trades on and win has been totally detrimental… but… realistically, there is no way that the service could operate at all if I was giving out the faster but far more accurate 15-30  minute trades.

These issues have grated on my soul.

What’s more is that the FCA is now going to regulate binary options from the 3rd January 2018

This means that I will not be able to offer binary advice.

However, you can still make some awesome low risk gains trading binary options yourself. You can start small and build up but also know your exact risk/reward before placing the trade. This is great way to start learning about trading the markets before moving on to spread betting.

Just Me

I’m giving you this run down so that you can take a glimpse of my life and see that I am just a normal everyday person.

I have all the troubles and strife that many others have to deal with.

The trader is just one part of my life.

You can learn to trade too if you wish…. But you’ll still be you. There is no miracle hidden inside the results.

I realised long ago that there is no holy grail to make your dream life come true. Try to live in the now, stop criticizing yourself over not reaching your goals and desires fast enough. Try to be happy now and then everything else will follow.



So what have I got planned for 2018.

Well, from now until mid-January I’m having a holiday. There will be no updates during that period.

However, some really exciting news is that I have a new spread betting course planned and in progress.

This will be a thorough course and will explain in detail how to get the edge in spread betting. It’s far more than just choosing up and down in the markets and adding a moving average.

Also… I may personally mentor a very small handful of you on profitable spread betting. This will be coupled with a member’s area and a list of my trades as and when I open and close them.

If I do decide on this then places will be limited.

I shall keep you updated.

Once again, wishing you a very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year that is awesome in every way.