Why I don’t like doing Trading Videos

Trading Videos

Trading Videos

I’m often asked why I don’t do more trading videos. The truth is that I had a bad experience when doing them and that sort of put me off.

I enjoy running the blog and doing the updates, but when I first started doing videos I had some weird guy leaving comments like “another slag trying her hand at internet marketing” and all sorts of other BS. That is one of the main reasons don’t do more trading videos.

Another reason is that I’m not actively trying to market and sell anything. If I had been over these last 6 years then maybe I’d have thought about giving it another go.

And another thing that puts me off doing videos even more; truth is I hate seeing myself on video and even hearing myself. It’s just not my thing. I cringe at it.

Video’s for My New Day Trading Course

My partner has camtasia studio, and he is doing some video’s for my new course. He doesn’t mind doing them like I do but always moans that he sounds, er… different… LOL… he actually says he sounds like something else… I’m sure you can imagine.

Anyway, I will do some of the video’s for the course as they are going to be for members only.

Some of the other videos that we are doing just have captions added to them. They actually work really well. And as the objective is to teach you how to trade, I am happy to use them as they are clear and will indeed help.

The course and website content will be ready in the next couple of days and it will launch on the 27th February.

If you are on my email list then you will get a notification with a discount code or button that will save you £50.