How to find Stocks to Trade

I’m often asked how to find stocks to trade? Well most of what I trade nowadays is via Vince Stanziones member’s website. I buy stock and hold it long term.


It’s great as Vince has done all the hard work for me.


But I do always keep an eye on what’s hot or not and I still look for good stocks to spread bet using simple strategies.


So today I’m going to show you how you can do the same and find soaring stocks to trade.


It doesn’t take long and what’s more it’s totally free.


Here’s how it’s done.


How to find Stocks to Trade.


Go to Google and do a search for 100% buy list.


You’ll see a few sites pop up [obviously] all giving you stocks that are hot.

How to find Stocks to Trade

We are going to use barchart for this demo but you can use HL if interested in UK stocks.


Now have a look at the list and choose something to have a closer look at.


Here we are going to look at CVR Partners. So I head over to my spread betting account and open the chart.


I can see that without doing any research that the trend is certainly up on the daily chart and that recent resistance was broken [lower blue line] and that the price is pulling back from its recent high [the top blue line].

How to find Stocks to Trade

So far so good.


Now I’m looking for a big bull candle to break this recent high price and for the trend to continue up.


I am not looking to go short at all.


Price History


If you look back at the chart and the purple line I have drawn, you’ll see what happened when the price broke previous resistance.


You can see that the price made a high [purple line] at the beginning of April. The price then typically retracted and finally broke the resistance level on 26th April with a nice solid bull candle [blue arrow]


Now that resistance has been broken I can either open a long trade or wait for the price to retest the resistance level that was broken.


Either or, I’d have put a stop loss at the double bottom [red dotted line] as that is the last logical low price.


My trade was safe and as of today I’d be in a healthy profit.


Note: I’d probably not have opened a trade in late April as that is the quiet period and you can see that the price clearly went sideways during those months.


On to October you can see that the price broke through resistance again at the beginning of October once the markets had become more active again. This was our most recent LONG opportunity and chance to open a trade.


Now we are waiting again for resistance to be broken and the price to move on higher past the $88 level [top blue line].


Easy Strategy


This is a really easy way to find good stocks to trade. The hard work has been done for you in regard to finding them [stocks] in the first place.


You can of course dig far deeper into the stock and find out what is behind the move and what sector they are in and so on. It’s a very good idea to do that before you make a trade.


Just Google the name of the company, hit the News tab and read up on what’s positive about them, earnings, directors and the like.


If you really want to keep things as simple as possible and can’t be doing with any further research, then start trading small and add to winning trades.