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How to Trade – A Beginners guide to Spread Betting

How to Trade.

Learning to trade from September to April is one of the best times of the year to start your trading journey.

The markets tend to spring to life and start trending one way or another come September.

And if you’re new to trading, then learning when the markets are at their most liquid can make the whole process far more enjoyable.

Where to Begin

The biggest challenge to face new traders is just where to start.

Getting duped into the wrong trading style for your own strengths can result in many traders that may have had promising trading careers cut short.

It makes little difference how much you paid for a course at the outset. In the thousands or under a hundred quid… if the style of trading isn’t going to suit you personally then you’re creating more hurdles before you have even started paper trading.


How to Trade 

It took me a long time to find and decide on the course that was ultimately going to start my trading career.

And even after that, there were many mental obstacles to overcome.

To save you a lot of time and trouble here’s a quick heads up on some of the best reads, quizzes and videos on how to start trading… and what’s more, they won’t cost you a penny.

The Best Starts for New Traders

Want to know if trading is for you? Take the trading psych test first

Or this one if you fancy changing things up a bit

One of The best videos on Trading Phycology

If you have never heard of Mark Douglas then here’s a real treat for you…Mark is the undisputed king of trading phycology and his book trading in the zone is a must read for all serious traders.

Here is one of the best videos on trading phycology you’ll ever see…

Strategy Testing

Try testing your strategies out first on one of the trading simulators and from there you can open one of the good demo accounts with a spread betting firm.

Stock Market Game

If gaming is your thing then why not learn to trade with one of the best stock market trading games around? I haven’t ever played this but have heard of it regularly over the years.

You can have a look at Wall Street Survivor or one of the best forex trading apps for Iphone here

The Best Free Trading Resourses

It is difficult to say what are the best free guides available when I have already written so many awesome tutorials for you J

However, if you have got your phycology game plan down then here are some good places to start learning to trade.

A Complete Beginners Guide

The basics of how to start trading and spread betting made as simple as possible.

Here are all the basics of placing your first spread bet on the IG platform.

How to Trade – A Beginners guide to Spread Betting

Candlestick charting

This website has everything you’ll ever need to know about chart patterns. If you’re trading intraday then this site is invaluable.

Trading Support and Resistance Levels

A simple way to trade using support and resistance lines

How to trade the DAX German 30

The German 30 DAX is one of the most heavily traded markets… this easy to use system is a great place to start trading

How to trade using Moving Averages

A beginner’s guide to moving averages 

And how to trade using a triple moving average


Free Books on How to Trade the Markets

Some of the best books on trading that I have read

How I made £2,000,000 on the Stock Market: here 

Reminiscence of a Stock Operator HERE 

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness Of Crowds HERE 

Trading Parables HERE 


Demo accounts

IG offer the best demo account and their charts are some of the best free ones

If you’re looking to trade binary options then the only place to go is binary.com


Whilst these links I have given maybe familiar for the some of you, Most of you won’t go far wrong with laying great trading foundations from reading and learning from the sites I have listed.


Decide on a Trading Style

As already mentioned, decide on the trading style that is going to suit you personally. Are you a slow steady trader that is happy with longer term trading and funds that can be tied up for years at a time? Or are daily or weekly profits what you are looking for?

This area needs honest and careful consideration if you are going to give yourself the very best chance of trading success.

Use the coming months to get a trading plan together to learn the ropes and you could well be on time to trade the Santa Rally should father Christmas arrive…