Land of Hope and Glory Documentary

Land of hope and glory

This article is not about trading.

I wanted to share with you some shocking documentaries I have seen just as soon as I could…

As you know, most of my posts are obviously about trading and wealth generation. But what good is wealth without health?

So in todays post I’m going to share some unbelievable information about why I am considering changing my eating habits and seriously considering going VEGAN.

You can watch this video now and hopefully you’ll understand where I’m coming from…

Land of Hope and Glory Documentary

If you didn’t watch the film then I’ll tell you why I’m going to go vegan.

Firstly I want to live as long as I possibly can in the best possible shape that I can.

I want to see my family grow and hopefully be a grandparent that can still enjoy days out and go on holidays.

More importantly, I want to lay the healthiest foundations for my daughter and offer her the clearest understanding of a healthy diet and lifestyle that I can.

I also want to do what I can to preserve the planet and the biggest of changes on the agenda that I want to contribute to is to help stop animal suffering. What I have seen of animal cruelty recently has been enough to already keep me from meat and dairy this week just gone… and i’m sure it is going to be for good.

I’m Not a Hippy

Now I’m not going to give you a preach on why you should be throwing out your meat from the freezer, why you should love animals and not eat them and why you really don’t want to be feeding dairy to your family.

The Land of Hope and Glory documentary and websites that I’ll list in a moment will do that if they are ever going to influence you at all.

But… I am going to say that I think the majority of us have been brainwashed into what we should be eating as a healthy balanced diet.

Why do I state this?

Shockingly, because of the money and profits involved in keeping you/us eating crap. And then when you get ill from eating all this crap, your GP will give you more crap [insulin, antibiotics] to put into your body because that solution revolves around profitability too.

Unless you are already vegan though, then I doubt you know about this vicious circle either.

Meat and the whole animal farming sector is a vile disgrace of cruelty, suffering and lies. And I honestly had no idea about this until last week.

As of today I still have some meat and dairy products in the home. I am in the transitional stage though, and my diet is changing… It has to, if I want to help make positive change to mine and my family’s life and the planet.

But there are just so many things that have hidden meat and dairy in that it may take a few days to clear everything out.

Here are the links to all the food and farming documentaries that have led me to my current mind-set.

I hope you can understand why I have written a post about Veganism and maybe some of you will join the cause with me.

Please Watch and Share

Land of Hope and Glory documentary Film, website and facts

What the Health website and film

Forks over Knives Film and Website

Cowspiracy Documentary