Little acorns PL

Little Acorns Profit and loss Update

Little acorns profit

It’s been a month already since I started the Little acorns system using real money. As you can see, I deposited £500 on the 8th February.

The second screenshot shows the months little acorns profit. So this means I made a profit of £21.99 or 6.2 points profit from the 8/2/16 to 8/3/16. I have now added on this month’s profits to my bank and compounded giving me my new stake of £3.65.

In total there were 35 selections.

The good thing about learning to use a system like this is that it gives you the necessary patience to trade the financial markets. If you are someone that feels they need to be doing something everyday, using a system like little acorns should help quench your hunger to do what doesn’t need to be done on the financial markets.

DAQ statement


Little acorns profit

Although LA [little acorns] is not trading, it still takes an amount of discipline and courage to implement the system properly.

It also gets you used to staking small and building up gradually.

With financial spread betting there seems to be less control when it comes to the crunch. Traders lose discipline very easily on the financial markets even though they have a rock solid system in black and white in front of them.

Scared to lose

I think this is down to fear and bank size though.

If you have a £5000 spread betting bank to start with but have never been involved with losing money as part of the overall winning process then when you do lose you panic.

I’m going to keep saying this from now on so that you get sick of hearing it but won’t forget it… Start small and compound your profits, over time you will become rich. Forget the lottery approach to becoming wealthy. Yes, we all want to win the euromillions but even if you do you’ll probably lose the lot because you don’t know how to handle the wealth.

Building up your wealth by compounding your profits and looking after your investments is the best way to make it to the top.