Make money 2015

So what have I got planned for 2015

Make money 2015I emailed the free niche site guide and a few stocks that I think have potential this year to everyone that has signed up for my free guide. I hope you enjoy them both.

So what will I be doing in 2015 and what have I got planned? Well I suppose much more of the same in regard to trading. Last year was a great year for my trading bank. I’m still mainly bullish on US stocks, and I’m still amazed at what a great friend the trend is.

Blogging is still very much on the agenda but I will be working with my partner on his site and building that up as much as possible this year. The site is going to revolve around writing authority websites, copywriting, business ideas and using Amazon to sell physical products.

To some that may sound like too much to do or specialize on but really it’s all about writing content and targeting long tail keywords. Writing blog posts or Amazon product descriptions have the same goal, and that is to get read by being found on the search engines.

All of the information on the site is going to be free and the aim is going to be a hub for all who are looking to start making an income online.

Private copywriting jobs and creative work will be charged per a job. These services will be aimed at established brands and business or new business with budget.

I shall keep writing this blog for the foreseeable future. I’ll try to get back to posting on a weekly basis again and also I want to run some competitions this year so that people can engage more.

I’m still bagging those bonuses and it really does keep bringing in a few hundred quid a month. Considering how quick it can be done and again being tax free it’s a great additional revenue stream.

As always, thanks for your continued support and I hope 2015 brings all that you ask for.