Making money with amazon

One of the best opportunities to make money online at the moment is making money with Amazon.

And there’s not a spread bet or binary trade in site!

As with all things, it takes time to get started and grasp new opportunities and concepts.

You’ll know that this what I have been doing recently with trying to find a day trading system that is simple enough anyone can use. But I have also been busy learning to create my own branded products to sell on Amazon.

I want to say that this is the biggest online opportunity that anyone can get involved in currently… but as I have only started selling products over the last few weeks I can’t do so… even though things look very promising.

What is making money with Amazon

Making money with Amazon is selling physical products on Amazon. To elaborate, it is selling tangible products that you have sourced and paid for that you are planning to resell with your own personal branding.

Imagine it like this… You have a passion for gardening and you have decided that your brand is going to be called Mo’s Garden. Your brand is going to sell all types of gardening utensils.

You search online to find your first wholesale suppliers of some running shears that you have decided will sell well. You find a good supplier that can offer you a quality product that can be repackaged and made into a private label product just for you.

Finally your new product is ordered and arrives just like you wanted. Mo’s Garden Pruning Scissors. They look something like this

Make money on Amazon

Now you have to start selling them.

You list your new pruning scissors for sale on Amazon. 

But instead of waiting for the orders to come in and then packaging them up to take to the post office everyday, you just send the whole lot into the Amazon depot and let them do everything for you from then on.

  • They send you customers
  • Amazon take payments for you
  • Amazon dispatch your products
  • They handle customer service
  • Store your products safely
  • And pay you.

You then just send in more stock for them to sell for you.

To good to be true

NO it’s not. This is what more and more people are doing from home every week in the USA and it’s starting to catch on here in the UK… slowly.

In fact, this opportunity is so big that people selling a single product are turning over 6 figures in a single month. Many others are in the 10,000 of thousands.

This is not another eBay

Over the years it was eBay that seemed to be all the rage when it come to making money online. That’s changed.

Amazon have become the dominant force in online shopping. Their turnover was $111 Billion last year and that is set to get bigger.

Amazon FBA make money

In the USA shoppers spent $56 Billion on Amazon last year.

USA has a population of an estimated 322 Million as of 2015

In the UK shoppers spent $8.3 Billion on Amazon last year

The UK population is estimated to be 65 Million

What these figures Say

The US has roughly 5 times larger population than the UK

US customers spend roughly 7 times the amount on Amazon than the UK customers

Now considering that the projected growth is to reach 150 Billion by 2017 this means that we can see the UK spending closer to 12 Billion on amazon over the next year.

With that amount of people shopping on amazon you’d be hard pressed to not to find products to sell and profit from.

And using Amazon FBA [fulfilment by Amazon] much of the hassles like accepting payments and dispatch are eliminated. 

Not only that, it’s unlikely that you could find a business model that offers so much upside, is so well known and that is so trusted.

Early Days

It is early days for me in this business venture, to early to give you any hard results. But if you are looking for a new opportunity this could something very worthwhile.

I have bought some courses on how to make money on Amazon, but to be honest none have been astounding. Although I’ve taken little bits from each. Good old books and eBooks have been the most helpful and best value.

This is also another sign that Amazon selling is infancy. There is not that much good information available on how to do it.

I have found some heavily promoted US systems to offer claim some possible value.

You may want to check out Udemy and read some of the reviews of their amazon courses.

Other sources of information have been Youtube, even though you have to decipher the hidden messages and facts in some of the stuff.

Here’s a good one I found to help get you started.