My Day Trader System

my day trader system

I have mentioned to you many times over this year that I was going to try and develop or find a day trading system that actually works.

It has been quite demanding to say the least.

My partner [bless him] and I have watched countless hours upon hours of charts forming [Not back testing]

From 1 minute, 2, 5, 10, 30 and hourly. Looking for patterns, results and trends.

That though is just the beginning of what I have been trying to achieve.

I have continually questioned why it is that people want to day trade? And why people fail at trading in general.

From my research this year, I have seen ways that might make money [trading] that I could of easily developed into something that looked really profitable, over complicated it and sold online.

If you know anything about me from reading my blog, you’ll know that’s not me.

Anything I have suggested to you that makes money, I have tested out myself with my own funds. If it works, I tell you. I sometimes make money from affiliate sales if the option is available.

My Day Trader System

Since starting my search for a profitable day trading I have honestly lost the amount of time I invested in the project.

Creating a system that worked needed a certain set of criteria. I wanted to offer not just a system with rules but a system that made you question yourself before you even made a trade.

I wanted to make sure that you had what it takes to make money trading.

To do this I have jotted down pages and pages of notes about how people react to winning and losing.

What makes a winning trader?

Can trading really be taught to anyone?

Why people want quick winnings compared to those that will wait long term.

And many other areas of consideration have come to my attention in creating a winning day trading system.

Basically, as much as I may have been able to create a seriously awesome day trading system… [hint hint] to make it even better, I need to spend time creating content to accompany the system.

This additional content will teach you about you… and what type of trader you are. It will then help you trade the system in a way that suits you rather than a way that is the only way it can be traded.

What’s more is that not only do I have to create the content, I have to deliver it in a way that will be simple for everyone.

All of this takes time and a monumental effort.

However… it is coming together.

Stock trader system

When will the System be available?

All going well, it could be ready for the late January 2017. It may take longer though.

I will keep you posted and update again in December.

There is a lot to consider yet, but this product will be my first actual product that I offer directly to my subscribers.

So much work has gone into it that it just can’t be given away for free.

If I was to give it away for free I could never offer support, then everyone is in the same boat again. I want to help you make a regular income and teach you along the way if needed.

As said I’ll keep you posted, as there will be limited copies also.

Don’t fret that it is going to cost a fortune. It’s not, it will be very affordable for all.