My New Spread Betting Course is Live

Rachel trader spread betting course

My new spread betting course has launched… and a spectacular launch it was indeed.

This morning, only a few places for new students remain.

Another Winning Spread Betting Trade

This is a screenshot of my trade on the morning of launch day.

260 points profit, [that actually peaked at 340 points].

The thing is that this is not a one off fluke. This is a normal occurrence. A standard trade setup if you like.

There is nothing to stop you learning to do the same.

What’s more is that this trade was made using just one of the strategies from the spread betting course.

Is my Spread Betting Course for you?

If you want to learn how to trade over the medium term and see your results compound from month to month, then I say wholeheartedly YES! My new Spread Betting Course will be ideal for you.

The strategies included in the spread betting course are fantastically profitable, easy to implement and also easy to learn.

You don’t even need a huge trading bank to get started either.

There’s no high octane promotional jargon to plough through or consider to gain access to my course. There is a simple sales page here that I have written myself, detailing the course and introducing me to those that have not heard of me before.

That said… I only have a few spots left before all the places are taken and then the offer will be finished. So the page will be surplus to requirements very soon anyway.

If you want to join me and learn how to trade in what is essentially like a one to one environment, then you need to act quickly… Really quickly! You can read more and order here.