Crazy Markets New strategies and Bitcoin

Volatility in the markets has been bonkers over the last couple of weeks.

Everything that shouldn’t happen, seemed to happened for some traders.

On the other side of the coin, some of the volatility has been a bonus to many.

My new German 30 strategy that is included in my new trading course has made some serious profits over the last few weeks. Over 1000 points profit to be more precise.

German 30 strategy

The forex trading strategies in the course are also showing steady profits using 4H charts with simple price action and swing trading.


Share Prices

Most share prices have taken a hit recently. In my portfolio though, you have to remember that practically all of those positions, I buy the actual share and hold long term. I don’t spread bet shares as often anymore. I do not use stops on those shares either.

If shares lose $10 in a couple of weeks it is of little concern when you know you are likely to hold these for the next few years at least.

A true market crash isn’t going to happen over a single evening. If all pointers were leading to a bear market then I’d be out of my shares and into something else.

You adapt to the markets and prosper… if they change you change.

Of course there is always the option to stay out of the markets completely if you are in doubt.

Bitcoin Trading UK

The financial news has been making me laugh [even more than normal] lately. The reports they dish out regarding cryptos is beyond erratic.

Within 48 hrs , reports read, the bitcoin bubble had really burst and then the following day bitcoin was going to reach $50,000 this year.

How funny.

Better just to watch the price as it doesn’t lie.

I still say bitcoin will go past $25,000 and up to the $50,000.

It has been battered lately yes, but it will find its feet again and there will be a good chance to buy in again this year.

A great way to start bitcoin trading is with the XBT tracker, if you think it is going to rise that is.

However, drawing support and resistance lines and levels is proving to be one of the easiest ways to spread bet and trade bitcoin over the short term.

Bitcoin trading