New Trading Strategy

New Trading Strategy

Here are the January 2019 results of my new trading strategy.

The blue arrows are winning trades with an average of 70 points profit.

The red arrows are losing trades with an average of 35 points loss.

This equates to around 665 points profit.

All trades were between 7 am – 7 pm

new trading Strategy

The system is for use on the DAX and gets you in and out the market quickly and safely by ensuring the odds are firmly stacked in your favour by 2/1.

I was going to offer this as a completely new system and charge for it. However, I decided to add it to the member’s area of my spread betting course.

Since I started testing and developing this strategy back in September last year, the strike rate and results have stayed consistent… and sensational.

You can start using this strategy with the smallest of banks and expect to see a steady return from month to month.

Another awesome thing about this little strategy is that you can set alerts to notify you of a trade. This means limited missed opportunities.

You also get up to 30 minutes after an alert to get the trade on.

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