New Trading Videos for the Blog

New trading videos

Phewee! It has been a very busy couple of weeks for me since the launch of my new spread betting course. Busy, but thoroughly enjoyable. I have really enjoyed meeting everyone and giving support when needed.

All the places are now full. In fact I am oversubscribed by 6. This was due to a little rush of students signing up on the last evening before the doors closed.

Anyway, the course is something that I will keep you up to date on over the year. Now I’m going to get back to blogging for you.

New Trading Videos 

As you probably know, my partner Chris helps me out a lot with the private members areas. However, he has suggested doing some new trading videos for this blog from time to time to teach trading along with my blog posts.

I’m useless at Vlogging and although Chris can do all the editing, it is easier if the videos are clear and informative with less editing from the start.

I shall upload the videos to the blog and to our YouTube Channel.

As always, I’ll be offering you longer and short term trading ideas over the coming year. These ideas combined with the videos will really help new traders grasp the trading concepts at a quicker rate. More importantly though, is that the combination of text and visuals that will help clarify more with less room for error.


The Markets and My Trading

I still love trading along with Vince Stanzione, I like the slow steady pace and long term outlook that he offers.

However, I can’t deny that shorter term trades have become a larger part of my portfolio… and certainly so over the last few years.

Having the ability to trade over the long and short term is a great asset to have.

If you are looking for a strategy to spread bet on a daily, take a look at the DAX breakout system. It’s great for steady gains over the long term even though you are only trading from day to day.