Tesco Sell Signal

3 Ways to Profit from Falling Markets

It’s amazing how many people think that the only way to make…
Accumulator generator review

Accumulator Generator Review

As promised I wanted to point you in the direction of a new product…
Neil Patel

Have you ever heard of Neil Patel?

Firstly a happy new year to you all. Let's make it a healthy,…

Slow and steady wins the race

Well another year almost over. I have again had a profitable…

You couldn't buy better Trading Results

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Fantastic Trading Profits

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Trading Bank Size

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An amazing book to read

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Seasonal trading

Summer went missing and Seasonal trends

Well it seems as though our poor summer is actually over.  I…
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Stock Market Slump

Well not quite but not far off either. The thing is if you look…

Why do Millionaires keep selling their systems?

Why does Vince Stanzione sell his System? As you know, I have…

21 of the funniest money and stock market quotes EVER

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The Greece crisis

I really do feel sorry for the Greeks. For a nation with such…
Safe smart investing

Risk Reward and Compounding

To make money from the stock market you need to have a bank to…

Vince Stanzione seminar 2015

Well I have finally got round to writing about my day at the…

Can you make it as a financial trader

So I managed to get to Vince's seminar, just... I was the last…
oil crash

There's always a story

I only wish I had added to my oil trade... Vince had given the…

Is Google in for a fall

Google has recently been in the news for manipulating its own…

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Rachel Trader

Welcome to Rachel Trader… the blog about how to trade the financial markets profitably.

6 Years on and still making profits

My initial test started in 2010. I wanted to see if I could make a living from financial spread trading using the Vince Stanzione spread betting course. Well it’s now 6 years later and I am still making amazing profits from spread betting and Vince’s System.

I have also added to my profits by trading my own system that you can get for free by signing up. This system I developed is very easy to use and there are no complicated elements to understand. You do not need to purchase any sort of trading programme or charting package to use it. Just learn the rules and you can use the free stock charts that are given on Yahoo or Google finance.

I had initially decided to write this blog to help me keep disciplined and ensure I was not about to get ripped off… Fortunately I needn’t have worried.

From here on I am going to test other financial trading systems and betting systems and let you know what really makes money. Many of the trading systems that I’m kindly given to review do not even get a mention. Mainly because they have no long term success rate. If I recommend a system or service you can be assured it has been tested rigorously by me and that I’ll offer you a true and honest review.

I purchased my course from www.vincestanzione.com this is not an affiliate link and I am by no way affiliated to Mr. Stanzione.