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Price action trading strategy

Price Action Trading Strategy

One of the simplest ways that you can trade the markets is by using a strategy known as trading the price action.   This basically means that you are deciding on what direction you anticipate the price of the market moving without using any technical indicators at all.   My version of this trading strategy […]

Swing trade DAX

Beginners Swing Trading Strategy

Swing trading can be a profitable way to trade the markets on a shorter time frame, when compared to [my] normal style of trend trading that is longer term. Swing trading can keep you busier in the markets if that is your style. A swing trading strategy can last minutes a few days and occasionally weeks […]

Bitcoin digital currency

If you haven’t heard of it before you should take a look here. I found out about this around a year ago and thought its about time something came around to challenge paypal and the credit card payment systems. Bitcoin is a virtual currency and although in its infancy I can really see this catching […]