Pay for Trading Charts? Do You Need to?

do you pay for trading charts

Pay for Trading Charts?

Do you need to pay for trading charts? I get asked that a lot.

I do and it suits me. But you really do not need to pay for charting packages… especially when you are starting out.

As I have been writing the final draft of my new trading system, I realised how good some of the free charts out there really are. A lot of the images I have used in the course are from my sharepad subscription.

Even though I explain in the course where and how to use the free options available, I thought I’d write a post and give you the heads up of my favourite free charts.

pay for trading charts

IG Charting

I’ve never really used them before I started looking into day trading. But over the last few months I have used them a lot. In fact, for day trading I prefer them to share paid which is £50 a month.

The reasons for this are numerous actually.

  • They are very easy to use, even easier than sharepad.
  • You can change the candle time frames in an instant from the toolbar.
  • You can scroll in using your mouse or pad on your MacBook.
  • Obviously, you can place your trade directly if you are using IG to trade.
  • You can set better alerts, far easier on the IG platform. This is a huge bonus… You can realistically trade on the move.
  • They are free to use even if your account isn’t funded [apparently] I can’t remember if that was the case or not when I opened my account, but that’s what they claim.

Why I like IG charts

I really like the way that you can change the time frame of the candles directly from the trading screen. This is better than having a drop down menu.

Also being able to zoom in to areas of the chart by using your mouse is a big plus. This saves the hassle of having to reset the zoom all the time like you have to on sharepad.

You can also drag the chart. This is useful too if you need to look back at history, trends and patterns.

For me though, the biggest benefit from using them is the alerts that you can set.

You set your alerts when you login to the platform, download the app and get notified to your smart phone and email when your signals are hit.

This saves you from the need to be at your PC or laptop for hours and hours trading… unless you want to be of course…

Trying to do this on sharepad is a complete pain… if not nigh on impossible for a beginner to work out.

Each to their own though, and use whatever charting package you are happy using is all that counts.

But all considered, you won’t get much better than IG free charts, and all you have to do is create an account to use them.