Is Google in for a fall

Google has recently been in the news for manipulating its own search results to out rank its rivals… It really doesn’t surprise me but I still find it a total disgrace. I have said it before Google has got way too big for its boots. What they say goes… but it is now blatantly evident that it’s one rule for them and up yours to everyone else. You can read the full story here

Web entrepreneurs have gone out of business overnight due to Google’s updates. And a world relying on the truth of search results that can be manipulated is a dark thought indeed.

The price of Google has been erratic this last year and some good profits could have been made using SMA.

Look at this chart I have taken from yahoo finance. As you can see, you could have been pretty active following the signals your short term set up gave you.

Google chart


What goes up must come down right? although one day Google is sure to plummet it’s probably not right now, you should watch this space though.

As business men and women, there is only so much that we will all put up with and I think the time is ripe for Google to have some serious competition to contend with. Whether it’s a new search engine altogether or the resurrection of one of the established, I’m sure it’s coming.

In the meantime add Google to your portfolio and look to grab some fast profits over the coming months.