Seasonal Buy Signals

Seasonal buy signals

I got the long awaited seasonal buy signals from Vince Stanzione… Yippee.

I say signals as there are a few different variations and options to take. The profits can be fantastic and it is one of the easiest systems to trade.

Please remember that you can still lose money trading these signals though… but long term it’s a winner.

Obviously I am not at liberty to tell you how to trade it, why you should trade it or reveal the other options you have of gaining exposure.

All these things I have learnt from Vince Stanzione directly and from being a member of his private website.

This is by no means a situation of me dangling a carrot in front of your noses though.

I always want to help you to learn how to trade the markets and also learn what it takes to make a living online if possible.

If you want to learn about seasonal trading then you really must buy the stock traders almanac. It is full of seasonal information, trading strategies and statistics.

I have mentioned it to you before. I also met the author or shall I say editor Jeff Hirsch at one of Vince’s seminars. He’s a great guy and full of wisdom on the financial markets.

It was Jeff’s farther that first published the Stock Traders Almanac back in 1967 so as you can see it a stood the test of time.

Since then, the information and growth of the original almanac has continued. Now you obviously have website memberships and seminars and so on that you can attend and learn from.

However, the real bonus of trading nowadays comes from being able to trade and indeed learn to trade from experts in the confines of your own home.

Anyway… back to Vince Stanzione… Vince was advising everyone to remember that this is not the be all of trading systems. The seasonal buy signals is just one of many strategies that are utilised over the year.

If you want learn more about trading from Vince, you can read more here.