Setting Trading Goals

Trading Goals

If you are serious about making your trading pay, then you really should invest the time to make specific trading goals to reach your desired level of income.


Before I had ever read the book Goals by Brian Tracy I had always set specific goals for myself whenever I was trying to achieve a certain outcome.


I actually can’t remember reading about doing this [reaching goals] until much later in life. I was at least in my 30s. However, I had been writing out my goals since my teenage years.


My Trading Goals


When I first started learning about trading, I had a strict agenda. I had written goals. I was going to make an extra £1000 a month from spread betting the markets and I was going to blog about my experience.


The reason I was keen to blog about my trading was to ensure and prove to all that should I get ripped off on my trading journey, my readers will avoid the same mistake. Blogging was also a way to keep myself disciplined.


I achieved all my goals… and more.


Your Trading Goals


Your trading goals will be individual to you and your circumstances. However, here are some tips when writing them out.


Always start your goals with ‘I’ and stay present. So for an example…


I am a successful trader making £1000 a month from trading the financial markets


I am making £1000 a month from trading the financial markets


I am a disciplined and professional trader making £1000 every month from trading.


However you decide to write your goals, always remember that you want to start them with ‘I’


Repetition is Key


I also got into the habit of writing my main goal out 10 times every morning by hand.


This somehow really helped me stay focused. Months later when I was still writing them out, it dawned on me how close I was to actually achieving my goals.


It may sound like some sort of mumbo jumbo to you now, but that one little trick certainly helped my subconscious do the hard work for me. It feels like you are programming your mind directly.


On average it takes 66 days to form a habit. Keep on keeping on. Your goals will materialise but give everything you are trying a chance to work.


Visualise Whilst Meditating


If you have read the blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a keen meditator. I have been meditating for years now.


I can now enter a very deep state of meditation after around 10 minutes.


It is in this state of deep meditation that I can give myself suggestions of my goals and visuals of me achieving my goals.


This is one of the most powerful self improvement tools you will ever use. It can be literally life changing. Plus, you get all the benefits of meditation whilst doing so.


I often meditate in complete stillness, but I also use this app and also some of Kelly Howells MP3s, they are awesome if you are looking for certain improvements like gaining positivity; but the deep meditation is amazing for programming your subconscious mind.


Tools for Living


Learning about how to write goals is an essential life tool for successful living.


Once mastered, you will be able to use the same process to achieve anything that you wish.


Seriously… the sky is not the limit… your mind is.


Here’s a link to the Goals book by Brian Tracey again and beneath you’ll find a video about how you can work towards goals and achieve more from life.


Remember… if you want to make a living from trading, set your trading goals.


Some of you may think goal setting is unnecessary… however, I assure you that most successful traders, entrepreneurs and business people all set goals. Why should you be any different?